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TSU Regiments

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Female Soldier Regiment Logo
Male Soldier Regiment Logo

The Toy Soldier regiment is all encompassing within the army, regardless of any other regiment someone chooses to be part off, they are always a Toy Soldier. They are the infantry of the army, the boots on the ground, the vanguard of fun! We all are uniting to Make Over the World!

Soldier Uniforms

The basic Toy Soldier uniform is rather simple. Black combat trousers, a dark or black shirt, boots, and patches on their shoulders. From that, a lot of Soldiers customize their uniform to meet their own unique requirements. Goggles, utility belts, gauntlets, and adding any color of your choice. Others may also customize to highlight their specialty or passion. It is all subjective, and inspiration can be found anywhere.


Female Nurse Regiment Logo
Male Nurse Regiment Logo

The Nurses & Medic Regiment is home to the Army’s healers and helpers. We ask that if you wish to join this regimen that you have some sort of First Aid training to assist your fellow soldiers at events should one of us fall, dehydrate, or just need some friendly advice.

Nurse, Medic Uniforms

Being the medical element of the Army of Toy Soldiers, It is important that you identify as such so that other soldiers may find you in a hurry. You can do this by adding a medical symbol to your already existing TS uniform. You may choose to create one that reflects a nurse or medic by wearing a white uniform with our logos to represent the Army.


Female Scout Regiment Logo
Male Scout Regiment Logo

Scouts are usually our younger soldiers and like all soldiers are with us to help recruit others to join us. They are great at handing out Mind Control Cookies and fun stickers, and even better at attracting other youth that want to help build our Utopian Playland!

Scout Uniforms

The younger scout, usually the offspring of a Toy Soldier, may wish to make use of the khaki coloured scout uniforms available to their age group. Of course this can be augmented with their own style and merit badges included from alternative sites online that truly depict their skill set.


Female Engineer Regiment Logo
Male Engineer Regiment Logo

The Engineers are just that Engineering their and our Utopian Playland. Be it their pin point accurate skill with a soldering iron, or vision for grand architectural projects of our physical and digital world. Someone may choose to join the Engineers Regiment due to their love of building robots, manipulating digital technologies, or just sheer curiosity for how things work.

Engineer Uniforms

Engineers wear a wide variety of items, and of course it depends entirely on their own particular speciality. Coveralls, goggles, labcoats, leather gauntlets, goggles, hard hats, welding masks, tool belts, etc.