Toy Soldiers

Female Soldier Regiment LogoMale Soldier Regiment LogoThe Toy Soldier regiment is all encompassing within the army, regardless of any other regiment someone chooses to be part off, they are always a Toy Soldier.

They are the infantry of the army, the boots on the ground, the vanguard of fun, and m 
ercenaries of mirth. Armed with a range of foam dart weaponry, they are able to unleash a torrent of fun and shenanigans within a moments notice.


The basic Toy Soldier uniform is rather simple. Simply black combat trousers, a dark or black shirt, boots, and patches on their shoulders. From that, a lot of Soldiers customize their uniform to meet their own unique requirements. Tactical vests, riot gear, helmets, goggles, bandoleers, utility belts, gauntlets, and anything that can be scrounged up from surplus supplies.

Others may also customize to highlight their specialty or passion. They may adapt a business suit or work wear, if they’re night owls, stick some patches on their pajamas, gamers may have added the smiling face of the logo to their headphones. It is all subjective, and inspiration can be found anywhere.

Toy Soldier Lvl. 1 - designed by Sgt. Grinner           Toy Soldier Lvl. 2 - designed by Sgt. Grinner             Toy Soldier Lvl. 3 - designed by Sgt. Grinner

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