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The environment got locked! – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

Mad Monkey Maintenance

Did you know that the name ‘Loris’ is Dutch in nature and means ‘clown’, which probably comes from the facial features that help to define the species.
Also… The monkeys have definitely NOT been clowning around. No sir, work has been done over the past few months!

Yap… That’s a merge conflict… – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

I’ve come to the point where I battle co-workers through code…
With the help of other co-workers… What could probably go wrong?

I’ll branch, just drop the stick! – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

Don’t trust pool noodles and balloons… They are deadly…
Wish to know more? Click on through and enjoy yourself :)

There is NOTHING regular about that expression! – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

Hey… Can I come down with the sickness?
That, and more crazy comments in the full post ;)

Can I just go and take a nap now? – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

It has been a chaotic few weeks. Lots of stuff to be done and people to be poked.
But everything is still going great!

Rebase? REBASE!!! – Mad Monkey Maintenance inc.

“Hey, can we still rebase if we need to?” – No… We have gotten to the point of no return… If things break down, we are doomed!

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