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Tag: Toy Soldier Of The Week

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Scouter715

Toy Soldier Of The Week Scouter715

This weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week is Scouter715!

He has been nominated for his amazing podcast, which is in fact the longest running podcast by a member of the Army of Toy Soldiers. Scouter715 continuously explores the wonders of the Army, and those associated with it, including his latest podcast interviewing Professor Elemental which you……

Toy Soldier Of The Week – Apothecary Chrysalice

After unanimous vote, Apothecary Chrysalice has been nominated as Toy Solder Of The Week!

Toy Soldiers from across the interwebs nominated her for her steely resolve and determination for organizing the 12 Days of Toymas initiative under the purview of the W.R.I.T.E. Special Operations Division.

With the stealth of a ninja, she co-ordinated and organise……

Toy Soldier Of The Week: Gonzo


This weeks nominated Toy Soldier is none other than Gonzo!

Gonzo’s been a busy little bee of late. Not only did he dive head first into a project to create a PCB……