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Social Media Content editor –...

Awesome! You have been given permission to publish content under the Toy Soldiers Unite (or TSU after this point) brand name on Social Media. This does come with some additional terms and conditions that you will have to agree to, just to make sure that our name will not be used with ill intent.

If you can agree to the terms below, let the administrator that communicated this page with you know, so that they can finalize the process and help you start publishing your Social Media posts ;)

  • You will not use the TSU handle to communicate your personal opinion.
  • You will not use the TSU handle to talk about topics not allowed within the community (see the general rules).
  • If you’re unable to keep an objective view on comments on your posts, you will discuss a follow-up action with any of the administrators.
  • You will do your best to remain constructive on any post and keep a positive attitude.
  • You will only promote your own content, or TSU content, unless given permission by the original content creator.

You will be given 2 warnings when not following the terms and conditions, before your editor permissions are removed from our Social Media channels.
The administrators will hold the rights to edit or remove posts that do not follow our guidelines, though they will first try to communicate this with you, as to give you a fair chance to learn/improve or give us your view on the post or possible issue.