Female Scout Regiment Logo Male Scout Regiment LogoScouts are the eyes and ears of the Army of Toy Soldiers. Be they young, distributing our Mind Control Cookies® or older, standing in the shadows and handing off confidential documents in manila envelopes. The scout is trained in both stealth and misdirection, because honestly who would expect a child in a cute scout uniform with all those lovely merit badges to be carrying radioactive materials? Although that skateboard has some funky patterns on it, and who knew there was a merit badge in social engineering?


There are two main avenues the scout can go down. The younger scout, usually the offspring of a Toy Soldier, may wish to lull people into a false sense of security and make use of the khaki coloured scout uniforms available to their age group. Of course this can be augmented with their own style and merit badges included from alternative sites online that truly depict their skill set. Scouts who have come of age may prefer to emulate private detectives and secret agents of yesteryear, with ear pieces, shades, wide brimmed hats, and trench coats. Beneath their coats they may still wear their merit badge sash, but reflecting the more precarious nature of their occupation.

Scouts who have advanced to more stealthy and technological skill sets may wish to make use of military grade clothing, vision enhancing hardware, or clothing patterns that confuse facial recognition software.

Scout Lvl. 1 - Designed by Sgt. Grinner    Scout Lvl. 2 - Designed by Sgt. Grinner    Scout Lvl. 3 - Designed by Sgt. Grinner

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