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Operation: Mind Control Bubbles

Operation Mind Control Bubbles

Mind Control Bubbles are sure to brainwash and bring joy joy feelings to anyone they come in contact with! ;) We have used them at many invasions, events and fun gatherings!

You will need:
Mind Control labels sheet
Small wedding bubbles, you can get them anywhere from Dollar Trees to Card stores.
Food coloring
Dish-washing liquid
Narrow neck bottle
Packaging tape

The solution:
1) Best to use an 8oz hair color bottle. It has a narrow nozzle for adding to the bottles. If you use something else just adjust this accordingly.
2) You will need to add 1oz of any dish washing detergent.(this is because you don’t want to add just plain water to them, they will become diluted and not produce good bubbles that way)
3) Pick a food coloring you like. Use 20 drops of it in the bottle. It will seem dark but only a few drops go into each bottle so it works out well.
4) Stir gently (don’t shake) the bottle to get it all mixed up.
5) Hold the bottle and concentrate your voodoo powers of FUN directly into the solution (you got these when you signed up)
6) Open the bottles and put them on a flat surface. Slowly adding a few drops of the solution to each until they almost reach the top. Leave a bit of room so it doesn’t spill out when you pop the lid back on.
7) Dry off the bottles with a paper towel and let them dry a while before applying the labels.

Once you print out the sheet. Cut them up in the short strips. Then You will need your packaging tape to seal them on the bottles. Cut to fit the labels with a bit of overhang. Make sure the tape covers the paper label completely to keep them waterproof.

Go out and spread them around! Watch as others hypnotically ask for more! @.@
and above all….Have FUN!

Created by: Commander JET


  1. BlazingSkull666
  2. George Miller Hoctor

    I understand that the dish soap will make the solution stronger but if we use a mixture that I know of (and I’m sure everyone else knows of) we can make bigger, stronger, industrial sized bubbles!!!

    Link to Super Bubble mixture:

  3. RalfYakk

    Excellent… I can’t wait to get started. ^_^

  4. Haggard

    I beleive ill be doing this

  5. Captain Helios Ruin

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