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Operation: Fun Bux

The TSU Fun Bux!:D
This is a fun way to spread some propaganda!
Print these out, cut them up and plan your sneakiness!
You can hand them out to people or strategically place them where people will find them! Like to use napkin holders at restaurants and let them hang off the back so that waitresses can’t see but, patrons can when they sit down! ;)
I’m sure we can all think of fun places to put these!
Remember..Don’t litter..just hide >.>
There are a front and back lined up so when you print them they will match up together.
You may also need to use the right justified alignment of your printer.

Let the fist side dry for a few seconds before turning it over. It does take a lot of ink. So it will be damp. Lay it out somewhere flat so it doesn’t warp.
You can also get these printed for about 30cents US each or card stock at about 45cents each.
Have Fun!

Created by: Commander JET

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