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Operation: Cupcakes Crazy Cousin

You will need:
Cupcakes Crazy Cousin AKA – THE ALMIGHTY DONUT!

1) Go purchase a box of a dozen donuts or better yet, bake them yourself! Add frosting, sprinkles, jam, whatever you like to make them delicious!

2) Decorate the box with all kinds of TSU graphics, robot heads, nerf guns, propaganda leaflets or cards, etc.

3) Take said brainwashing donuts to your place of work, or to your school, and just leave them somewhere in the open for others to enjoy.

4) Your workmates or schoolmates will be nomming on donuts and wondering “Who or what is this wonderful Toy Soldiers Unite, bringer of deliciousness and yumminess?”

You’ve thusly promoted TSU and donuts, and also become everyone’s bestest buddy for bringing donuts. And not even managers or schoolteachers can say No to free donuts.

(To keep the donuts fresh, why not bring your prop, glue, stickers, etc to the bakery and decorate box en route to work/school)

Created by Professor Jimmy Blue