Mission Report Propaganda

The main mission of any Toy Soldier is to be happy and have fun. But, if you want to help the Army to further the cause of creating a Utopian Playland, or to help others reach their full potential, try these missions on for size!

Operation: Instant TS Arm Bands – Instantly represent and support TSU!

Operation: Mind Control Bubbles – Brainwash the masses with Fun Bubbles!

Operation: Fun Bux – Funny TSU Munny!

Operation: Desktop Standees – Desktop prop

Operation: Bookmark – Propagandize literature of all kinds.

Operation: Care Package – Help others by sending a box of fun stuff.

Operation: Chocolate Brainwashing – Delicious brainwashing chocolates.

Operation: Cupcakes Crazy Cousin – Spread some goodwill, with donuts!

Operation: Google+ – Brainwash the internet.

Operation: Guerilla Sticker Attack – Decorate your stuff with awesome stickers!

Operation: Leaflet Distribution – Spread the Toy Soldier Manifesto far and wide.

Operation: Library Homepage – Stealth attack libraries and school computers.

Operation: Lost Balloons – Spread the word of a Utopian Playland through the skies!

Operation: Minecraft Toy Soldiers – Build a virtual Utopian Playland.

Operation: Photo Challenge – Brainwash unsuspecting tourists.

Operation: Playland in a box – Crowdsource ideas, and get people thinking.

Operation: Postcard Propaganda – Toy Soldiers on holiday still spread prop!

Operation: Survey Hypnosis – Excuse me, madam, would you like to take part in our survey?

Operation: Tactical Playtime Training Days – Toy Soldiers having fun, in STYLE!

Operation: TSU – Tube – Audience participation is a must!