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Mission Report Propaganda

The main mission of any Toy Soldier is to be happy and have fun. But, if you want to help the Army to further the cause of creating a Utopian Playland, or to help others reach their full potential, try these missions on for size!

Operation: Black Lives Matter

BLACK LIVES MATTER MISSION!!! Hello Toy Soldiers thank you for joining us! We are here to present a most noble mission upon you! This mission, if you choose to accept it, is a chance to do something for your community and have fun being creative! First if you do not ...

Operation: Instant TS Arm Bands!

Have you ever been getting ready for an invasion/mission/etc… and realized you don’t have any Soldier patches on your uniform/random shirt/jacket? Did you flip into panic mode and wondered what you were going to do? Well, wonder no longer my friends! Introducing Tinker’s Instant Toy Soldier Arm bands! Download PDF …

Operation: Mind Control Bubbles

Mind Control Bubbles are sure to brainwash and bring joy joy feelings to anyone they come in contact with! ;) We have used them at many invasions, events and fun gatherings! You will need: Mind Control labels sheet Small wedding bubbles, you can get them anywhere from Dollar Trees to …

Operation: Bookmark

Everyone loves to read books. Or magazines. Or leaflets. Or blueprints for large orbiting ion cannons. As a helpful reminder to those working their way through a heavy read, provide bookmarks created to brainwash as well as a marker for where someone left off in their read. 1) Print out …