The main mission of any Toy Soldier is to be happy and have fun. But, if you want to help the Army to further the cause of creating a Utopian Playland, or to help others reach their full potential, try these missions on for size!

Operation: Instant TS Arm Bands – Instantly represent and support TSU!

Operation: Mind Control Bubbles – Brainwash the masses with Fun Bubbles!

Operation: Fun Bux – Funny TSU Munny!

Operation: Desktop Standees – Desktop prop

Operation: Bookmark – Propagandize literature of all kinds.

Operation: Care Package – Help others by sending a box of fun stuff.

Operation: Chocolate Brainwashing – Delicious brainwashing chocolates.

Operation: Cupcakes Crazy Cousin – Spread some goodwill, with donuts!

Operation: Google+ – Brainwash the internet.

Operation: Guerilla Sticker Attack – Decorate your stuff with awesome stickers!

Operation: Leaflet Distribution – Spread the Toy Soldier Manifesto far and wide.

Operation: Library Homepage – Stealth attack libraries and school computers.

Operation: Lost Balloons – Spread the word of a Utopian Playland through the skies!

Operation: Minecraft Toy Soldiers – Build a virtual Utopian Playland.

Operation: Photo Challenge – Brainwash unsuspecting tourists.

Operation: Playland in a box – Crowdsource ideas, and get people thinking.

Operation: Postcard Propaganda – Toy Soldiers on holiday still spread prop!

Operation: Survey Hypnosis – Excuse me, madam, would you like to take part in our survey?

Operation: Tactical Playtime Training Days – Toy Soldiers having fun, in STYLE!

Operation: TSU – Tube – Audience participation is a must!