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Mission Report Propaganda Deployed
Propaganda poster by SilentAl
Propaganda poster by SilentAl

Propaganda for Toy Soldiers to spread throughout the world!

Why do we call it ‘Propaganda’ though? Well, we’re bombarded with propaganda almost every moment of the day. From commercials on TV and in magazines, to the billboards alongside the road, covering an infinite amount of topics. However, when the media tells us something or it’s own manufactured opinion, it’s called Marketing, or Public Relations. When an opposing view is publicized that is not approved of, it’s labelled propaganda. These are generally one and the same.

We call it ‘Propaganda‘ because we’re up front about what we’re doing. We’re trying to convince people to join the cause and promote it further. We could call it PR or Marketing, but to be honest, we don’t wear suits or go to board meetings. And at the same time, while we’re spreading our Propaganda, we’re exposing people to the idea of it, that it can take many very subtle or not so subtle forms, thus breaking the potential grip executives and analysts may hold on the masses.