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Operation: Dig Deep!

Greetings Soldiers, visitors and other shenaniganers,

The army of toy soldiers and bring to you our latest operation:

Operation: Dig Deep

Last year, the TSU donated the profits from its store to child’s play and we’re not talking about that horror movie with that one doll…
Because we are doing charity here! Child's Play

The $1000 raised has now been donated to Child’s Play. Thank you all!

Why child’s play?

The TSU is all about making fun and spreading the fun to others.
Therefor it’s important that even children who are not so lucky, to be able to keep playing.
But perhaps we should let Child’s play speak for itself: <clicky>

The background story:

Last week, some of the robots who were inspecting the restricted area between corridor 50 and 52, have found traces of the weevils.
These creatures have been known to cause havoc against the Duke of Sherry and some of our soldiers. (click here for the full report)
After a few months of radio silence, some rooms in coridor 51 became sentient, resulting in the total cut-off from the bunker only a few days later.
In the course of the last few weeks, several robots have been send into the corridor to inspect the current state of the rooms, not knowing what might have happend to them.
Last night, a large explosion could be heard through the south-east part of the bunker. Where once corridor 51 was, a large hole has taken its place. Resulting in a total loss of 12 corridors, over 100 rooms, one of our biggest cookie production lines and half of the hamster population that resided there.

Your mission, if you’d choose to accept…
To help us rebuild the lost part of the bunker!

I don’t have any money but would still like to help, what can I do?

Well, for starters, you can always share this page on your facebook, twitter, google+ or any other media you prefer!
The more people will know about this event, the more might find it in their hearts to donate.

Want to stand a little closer to the event?
Participate in our building contest by going to our minecraft server!
MPServ has been so kind to rent us a minecraft server that can keep up to 50 people online at the same time!

The actual theme of the challenge will be known one week before the event, so keep an eye out for any news regarding operation: dig deep

What’s in it for me?

To the top donator and top ingame contributer, a special package will be send containing (almost) everything you see in the image below.


  1. NO 1 block towers!
    • We don’t need hundreds of ugly looking pillars in our bunker or outside…
  2. Respect the admins!
    • We might get cranky from time to time, but hey… A lack of sleep can do a lot to someone
    • Be nice to us and we might be nice to you :)
  3. No fowl language!
    • We are multilangual
    • multicultural
    • and thus nice towards each others!
  4. Discussions will be held, opinions will be shared, don’t hate each other over some opinions!
  5. Challenges are allowed to be made and shared with us!
    • We might even add some prizes to it ;)