Nurses & Medics

Nurse & Medic Regiment Logo - Female Nurse & Medic Regiment Logo - MaleThe Nurses & Medic Regiment is home to the Army’s healers and helpers. Hundreds of doctors among them and not a single medical certificate to be found.

Doctors, nurses, healers, quacks, scientists, and more, these men and women have taken it onto themselves to further the reaches of science in all it’s forms, regardless of being limited by funding, support, laws, morals or ethics. Be it a quick shot of distilled energy during an invasion, reattaching limbs lost during exploration, and always experimenting in their laboratories with little oversight.

It’s not just all about mad science, and not all members of this regiment have questionable ethics. Some have taken the Hippocratic oath to do no arm, or are pushing the boundaries of the human body by looking to the future as inspiration on how to upgrade our primitive biological constructs.


Being the medical and science element of the Army of Toy Soldiers, nurses and medics should always have a lab coat and pair of goggles at their disposal. Gloves, be they latex or leather, are remarkably useful for either handle dangerous chemicals, or infectious patients. Never underestimate the face mask, or for that matter, gas mask.

Nurse & Medic Lvl. 1 - Design by Sgt. Grinner      Nurse & Medic Lvl. 2 - Design by Sgt. Grinner      Nurse & Medic Lvl. 3 - Design by Sgt. Grinner

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