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Officer Cornelius Wimbledon Tesla Dolor

    • Some say he created the universe by glaring into the void through his helmet.

    • Ooh! Good point Mr. Dark. The cut off date for this mission will be the 5th of November (In case some people are busy with Halloween planning).

    • Okay Ladies and Gents, I have a brand spanking new mission for all of you!
      Operation Funformance!

      Step 1: Find yourself a video camera/web cam/phone camera. (Anything that ca record videos!)

      Step 2: Chose, create, improvise, or whatever else, a performance that is either fun for you to perform or you believe will inspire fun in others (I would go with both, because having fun usually inspires others to do so :D )

      Step 3: Record said performance! (So Long as we can see/hear what it is you want us to see/hear, it works!

      Step 4: Last, but certainly not least, post your video here, to this forum, or to the facebook here:

      Step 5: ???

      Step 6: Profit!

      Alright, so!
      Should at least 3 people post videos: I shall make each of you a festive circus-themed picture with your name on it and send it to you (via PM or email) That you can laugh at or enjoy. Either way. :P
      Should at least 5 people post videos: I shall make a collage of all of your faces as characters inside of a circus tent.
      And lastly,
      SHOULD 10 PEOPLE OR MORE POST VIDEOS: I will make each of you miniature circus tents in Toy Soldier colors, complete with the logo on the outside and SEND THEM TO YOUR HOUSES! >:D

      Over and Out.
      -Officer Cornelius Wimbledon Tesla Dolor

      >>The cut off date for this mission will be the 5th of November (In case some people are busy with Halloween planning)<<

    • First off: You are a beautiful human being, and this brought tears to my eyes. (This and the original Caine’s Arcade video which I hadn’t see before.)

      Second: I wholeheartedly endorse this! My god! This is wonderful!

    • Glad to have you Zolgar, and might I say, AWESOME SKILL! :D Fire is a very interesting and dangerous tool, so manipulating it is just a freaking awesome concept!

      Jack Squat, that’s fantastic that both you and your son are into performing, it’s awesome to see something that awesome becoming a family ordeal! And here’s to not letting burns keep you away from what you enjoy. (And to hopefully not any major wounds). And as for organizing division events, that’s a great idea. And if we could get film of those it would be even better.

      Montee, I was actually hoping that we could so something like that. I realized the distance would be a problem, so youtube and skype and the internet in general will probably be a huge help to us. AND YOU JUGGLE! Haha, I can’t hula hoop for the life of me, but it’s always been so cool to watch. As for the workshop, that’s awesome! It’s incorporating work and play, and that’s always fun! Especially Circus fun. Because Circus fun is the best fun.

      ((Also, sorry this took so long, but first week of school had me in it’s clutches.))

    • I like this idea, thanks for sharing it. I think it would be a great way to remember our fallen soldiers and for others to someday remember us.

    • “When all is said and done, I don

    • ((VENT! I wonder where it leads…))

      So after all this time we’ve been friends you decide to storm out? My bad for having a photo shoot with my other friends. My bad for being friends with other people you threw to the curb without reason. I’m not the crap friend Sam, you are, and we both know it.

    • No worries ^_^ I’m just glad to see the talking in the group.

      Speaking of which, it warms my heart to see a new flame sparking up in FAIRE, and seeing as some of you have begun introductions, I thought I’d bring the welcomes here.

      First off: WELCOME! There are a lot of new members, and that’s awesome! So, to make things easy, (And so that everyone can see it, if they hadn’t in the group), INTRODUCTIONS

      What is your performance/what do you do?
      (Personally I’m an actor, specifically musical theater, who is also trying to learn acrobatics.)
      What inspires you?
      (I got into performing to make people smile and to give them an escape from the world, for me, my inspiration is other people’s happiness.)
      What is your favorite performance?
      (The strangest show I’ve ever seen, and my personal favorite in the circus-y department, is the Vespertine Circus, who are all very silly and whimsical.)
      and lastly
      What do you want to do as a member of FAIRE?
      (I want to see everyone thrive in their performances, and maybe learn a thing or two along the way.)

      Alright, that’s it for now! Oh- and before I forget, WELCOME TO THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH!

      Officer Cornelius
      Humble Entertainer.

    • You get a tunnel to China. Be careful of the Earth’s core, it get’s pretty hot.

      *inserts rock and roll*

    • Yeah I have the ports, but it runs off of mini dvds instead of an SD, so I’m not sure how to use them, because my computer doesn’t acknowledge they exist. XD If I need to I’ll use a friend’s webcam.

    • That trick sounds really awesome, I can’t wait to see it. As for mine, it may take a bit, as I gotta find out how to get videos off my camcorder onto my computer…

    • I have the Worst Case Scenario Handbook (the hardback one that’s all the books in one) that has a lot of survival tips in it. It’s been pretty helpful for the little things (like getting keys stuck in the car), but it also seems like it could be really useful in an actual survival situation.

    • Well anything that awesome deserves to be encouraged.

      Also, if no one steps up by the end of the night I would be happy to lead FAIRE, mainly cause I don’t want to see it die D:

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