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Toy Soldier Name

Nicholas Perry – "Ape"


South Burlington VT




UltimApe | Ape Iñago

Enlistment date

2013-01-13 00:00:00

Special Skills

I Do Computer
Build Robot
Make Propaganda
Technology Generalist
See Skilltests online:


I’m a Computer Engineer that wants to change the world.

I am a founding member of a hobby incubator in Vermont taking inspiration from many sources: including Dr. Steel, and Jamie Mantzel’s Giant Robot Project (seriously, its awesome, look him up!). See our website:

I have a fondness for Ze Frank’s shows, and generally want to be a positive influence on my local community (and the world at large).

I love programming and anything software development related. I also have experience working with microprocessors and electronics, and have an afinity for web development.

I’m such a big nerd that I have my resume handcrafted in html:

I also have a more complete picture of my background up here:

But most of all, I want to “Build the Robots”…