• Tyrmorr

      Hey Madison, Mississauga Mercenary of Mirth here.

      There is a T.O. division, the Robot Monkeys, though I haven’t seen them active in a while…

      Over all though, welcome to the insanity.


    • Tyrmorr

      Hail and well met. Which is a good beginning, and a shame, because this is bound to end badly, and I nicked it shamelessly from some bloke with a neat beard. At least he had a neat beard in the pictures I have seen of him.
      Anyway, I digress, as per standard operating procedure, at great length and for no readily discernible reason.

      I am Tyrmorr. Just Tyrmorr.

      Now, I think I am supposed to tell you all my dirty little secrets here, and well, I could do that, only that would be either too shocking as to drive every poor unfortunate reading the sorry tale to life in an institution, or so boring that nobody will ever manage to convince themselves that there must surely be something worthy of notice towards the end.

      So, run on sentences aside, I will engage in the time honored tradition of making stuff up.

      I am currently a 916 year old n-space extra dimensional treeoid creature living, I fail to understand why, in the GTA. Which letters will mean something to some people and nothing to others. I have spent most of my life thus far gestating inside the heart of a gas giant, growing slowly to sentience over an undetermined and likely stupendous amount of time, till finally I awoke all at once with a total understanding of the universe, myself, and my place in time, space and rice pudding.
      Which on the whole was a shame, as this lead to my expulsion from my home dimension, and fetched me up occupying this flesh suit in a reality far from anywhere or any when important, worthy or worthwhile.

      All of which is, of course, arrant nonsense.

      So yeah, I’m Tyrmorr, I’m in the GTA and I found out about the Doc roughly in time to find out he had formally announced his retirement. Which says much about my sense of timing.

      Anyone in this mysterious GTA looking to recruit a barely coherent, unintelligible jumble of stream of consciousness and id with no internal monologue please feel free to contact me. Or seek a suitable and qualified member of the medical community to see you to a secure facility where you can be properly cared for by compassionate and loving staff.


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