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Toy Soldier Name

Funnery Sergeant X-51


Corporate Funland, USA


Toy Soldier


Vinnie Indigo

Enlistment date

2008-05-08 00:00:00

Special Skills


@@ 4LL y0r b4s3 R bL0nG 2 u5

Special Skills:
My special skills include, but are not limited to: sarcasm, chaos, general mayhem, scaring the straights, and general Steampunkery.

All joking aside, I am very proficient w/computers. I have built my own, around an Asus mobo,w/AMD 6000+ dual-core CPU. I am currently triple-booting XP, Vista, and Windoze 7. (I am trying to add Mac OSX-Snow Leopard to the mix, but have bootloader issues) I enjoy being the one that my friends come to for repairs. (Not a programmer, but am learning HTML & CSS as a start.) One of my favorite games to play, I call “Melt the Drive”, is done in Virtual Machine. It is fun to release a virus into XP (on Virtual), and watch the ensuing damage… Mua-ha-ha-ha!!

I have a pretty broad range of skills; I am good w/tools, and consider it a sin to take a vehicle to a repair shop for something as simple as an oil change, spark plug replacement, or any other minor routine maintenance.

I enjoy baking!! I was a baker for six years, and was the best job I ever had… *sigh*

I am compassionate and empathetic to the concerns of others, and quickly try to rush to help whenever/wherever I can. My advice is not always perfect, but has saved a marriage, bcuz the advice I gave was from personal experience. It gives me a sense of purpose when I can help someone, and see a positive result.

For extraneous contact, find me here:



Name : Funnery Sergeant X-51

ID # : TS30898

Divisions :

Foam Defense Core
Propaganda Assistance Task Force
Tactical Toy Soldier Security
Survival of Steel
Dr Steel’s Team of Evaporated Aqua Masters
The Toy Soldier Motor Pool
Soldiers Lending Assistance to Steel through Haunted Evangelistic Recruiting
Infiltrating Small Town America
The Culinary Special Operations Division
Correspondence Helping Encourage Enthusiasm and Recuperation
Order of the Red Beret
Writing/Reading Intellectual Toy Enthusiasts
Healthy Eating and Recreation for Toy Soldiers
The Chainhart Collective
Toy Soldier Medics
Psychological Stereophonic Information Operatives Producing Sensations
666 S.W.O.R.D (Steel’s Warriors of Robotic Domination)
1153 Marauders of the Modern Metropolis
1492 International Nautical Division
1890 His Pedagogical Lovecraftians
2063 Steel Fleet
2358 The Red Tide Division
2814 Toy Lantern Corps

I have been bored for WAY too long, and am finally ready to stand up and be counted as a Toy Soldier, and this is my story:
I am second in command of the Central Florida Steampunk Association on Facebook, holding the rank of Airship Navigator. I discovered Dr Steel there, and after listening to his music, became brainwashed enough to seek out more from him. This led me to YouTube, and thatz where the fun began. Soon, I discovered that this rock thing was true- Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil, and Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet. Suddenly, I fell in love with the world. I knew what I had to do. I went on to explore strange new sites, and boldly went where so many others before me had gone,(10,000 people can`t be wrong)…and wound up here.
After visiting the Laboratory, and told the TRUTH about how the government and media have been controlling my life, it was time for me to stand up and say “NO! – I reject your reality, and submit to you my own!” Now I am set free upon the AEthernet, determined to spread the wise words of Dr Steel through propaganda, physical actions, and any means necessary to help the people wake up and smell the awful stench that authority has spit out onto us. Our Utopian Playground had been there all the while, hidden behind the lies of the media. It is time to reach out, grab it, and tell the rest of the world to wake up from this heinous dream!

Events & Invasions

Soldier of the Week :
16 Jul 2012 – This week’s TSOTW goes to Funnery Sergeant X-51 for his Summer of FUN Contest Series here on TSUand over at our Official Toy Soldiers Unite Group on Facebook. He’s also generously helped other divisions in getting patches made and worked to revive old Spec Ops groups. His efforts to bring us fun and creativity (and a healthy dose of wackiness), have been truly inspiring! We salute you!
18 Sep 2011 – Funnery Sergeant X-51 is this weeks Soldier of the Week for his constant support of his fellow Toy Soldiers! Recently Vinnie has made and given out patches for his division as well as, always making new and innovative propaganda for us all! He also lends moral support with a friendly smile and sense of humor we all love!
25 Apr 2011 – CPL X-51 is this weeks Soldier of the Week for his ongoing efforts in his special ops divisions, such as creating patches for them and helping with new propaganda. He is always coming up with new ways to help and support his fellow soldiers! Continuously promoting us as a welcoming community!
7 Jun 2010 – CPL X-51 is this weeks Soldier of the Week for his acquisition and distribution of the FDC patches. His generosity, in terms of time and resources, is definitely appreciated by all, especially those who enjoy foam weapons.


Division: 2358 (Florida) Date: November 6, 2010
Reason(s): The Homecoming Parade,Getting made an officially recognized
college organization, Rocky Horror, Cancer Walk, Bake Sale to benefit
Shands Hospital… Credits to Captain Nurse Risa for earning this for
Division 2358.
Colours: Gold, Orange and Red.

*Named Officership by Cadeon (DIV 2358)- Funnery Sergeant X-51


***************RESPONSIBLE FOR RECRUITING***********************
Jessica (04 JAN 2011) *SP Empire* ID # : TS38113
Dr. Maximillian Hobsend (30 NOV 2010) *SP Empire*
Alegrah Eredschtadt (02 SEP 2010) *SP Empire*
*MYKE AMEND – Noted Steampunk Artist -(09 AUG 2010) ID # : TS35086
TERRY H. (Hxlplx) (19 AUG 2010) ID # : TS35274
Lady Georgiana (31 MAR 2010) *SP Empire*
Dr. Horatio VonDarkfaulker (29 MAR 2010) *SP Empire*
Professor Wetware (02 MAY 2011) *SP Empire*
Michael Strunk (29 AUG 2011) *Facebook*
Funnery Nurse AN-G (27 OCT 2011)
Jade Envy (27 OCT 2011)