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Toy Soldier Name

Sir Jack of Blades


Toy Soldier


James Jack Arnold Riswick

Enlistment date

2009-04-01 00:00:00

Special Skills

~Psychological Profiling
~Tactics and Strategy

Soldier of the Week :

17 Jul 2011 – Sir Jack of Blades is this week’s soldier of the week for his amazing efforts at organizing the Great Grand British Invasion 2011. A fantastic organiser and leader Sir Jack is known for being dependable and an all around fun soldier to invade with!
24 Jan 2011 – Sir Jack of Blades is this week’s soldier of the week for his ongoing support of the UK organization and planning of events. He is also a great supportive friend to all his fellow soldiers worldwide! A pillar of positivity and productivity!
18 Sep 2010 – In an overwhelming show of support, Sir Jack of Blades is again awarded Toy Soldier of the Week, due to his herculean efforts in aiding the London Invasion, and to the continuing support he offers all Soldiers.
15 Jun 2009 – Sir Jack of Blades is this weeks Soldier of the Week due to his selfless support of fellow soldiers in need, dedication to the cause, and the over all happiness and entertainment he brings to his fellow soldiers.

~Highschool creative writing award

~High School Diploma (4 years + all 4 summers in between)

~3 A-levels in Psychology, Politics and Government, and Mathematics (1 year)

~A-Level “Star of the month” award for participation in extracurricular activities including the debate society, Global issues forum, and the extended science curriculum.

~Highschool Internship program at a real estate agency in the graphics department. Learned about basic computer generated graphical art and layout structure and design of advertising and web web design. (3 years)

~Creative arts workshop. I specialized in writing while attending. (2 summers)

~Attended 2 math competitions where I was among the top in the first and second place in the second. (2 separate years)

~Worked as sales associate at a pet store (2 years)

~Gave lecture on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder(ADHD) with reference to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(OCD), Dyslexia, Dysgraphia, Social Anxiety Disorder, and Irlington syndrome. (I have all of these and have become somewhat of an expert on them.)

~Honors BA in Philosophy (Modules taken: Western Civilization, Ancient Philosophy, Introduction to Philosophy, Rights and Responsibilities, The Meaning of Life, Applied Ethics, Ethics, Rationalism, Philosophy of Art)(In progress)

~Highschool Wrestling

~Red belt in Jujitsu

~White belt in Karate


All my life I have felt alone in my ideas. When I first saw Dr. Steel’s propaganda it was scary. In the same manner and almost word for word he spoke about how I think humanity works. It was like our ideas had been running parallel and not until April of 2009 that I discovered the movement of the toy soldiers.

From that I created the persona of Sir Jack of Blades with his mask that acts as a symbol that all can see, expressing the things that are wrong with the world covering up the truth underneath.

Events & Invasions

2009 –
~Late Night Cambridge College for Sixthform Studies Dorm Invasion (June 2009)
~Colchester Halloween Invasion (October 2009)
~Warfare at Reading Invasion (November 2009)
~Oxford Steampunk Invasion (December 2009)

2010 –
~London MCM Expo Invasion (May 2010)
~London Invasion (July 2010)
~London MCM Expo Invasion (October 2010)
~Demo Litition – Save British Education (November 2010)

2011 –
~Toy Soldier Day Science Museum Invasion (March 4th 2011)
~London MCM Expo Invasion (May 2011)

Tactical Playtime:
2010 –
~TSU-UK Leadership Summit (October 2010)
~Steelmas Dinner (December 2010)

2011 –
~Camden New Years Dinner (January 2010)