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    • TheAtomicSoul

      @Gemmaster22 said:
      I hope you find no objection to another member joining your micro community, here…

      After all, As members of a society whom are seen as outcast, we are certain to be a great tool for the Doctor.

      Don’t mind at all- and Welcome! ^.^


      @MizzyDezzy said:
      I didn’t realize this was a thing! I happen to be a pony artist actually. ^^

      It IS a thing! And it is happening!

      Feel free to post a link to your art! :3


      @Sgt. Voltor YJ said:
      So, somehow, I never posted here?  WAT?  I mean, seriously!  I am a brony, a proud brony, and should therefore be listed as a member of this fine division!  I have in my possession the first 4 seasons on DVD and impatiently await the fifth season box set.  Anyone heard any news about the fifth season box set?


      No worries; I created the group and haven’t been posting in it much. XD




      So what’s everyones thoughts on the current season so far?

      I’m mostly happy they did an episode with Spike that didn’t treat him like a child. Apparently they’re going to have a few more focusing on him! :D

    • TheAtomicSoul

      @Lt. Sophie said:
      You’re gonna have fun with the Euros then, as each country has its own version. laugh

      I can see about sending you a German coin or two. Gotta look at the exchange rates. 


      That’d be great; thanks! smile


      I know there’ll be different Euros but I figure most of them will just be standard rounds and few with animals on them. :)

      My biggest expectations are with any soldiers in China, Japan, and Australia. Those three I know tend to have animals or oddly shaped coins. smile

    • TheAtomicSoul

      @Scouter715 said:
      sending you american currency …

      I guess I should have mentioned that I am in America.mrgreen


      Not all of our currency is lacking; we DO have the states’ series of quarters, some of which people in other countries might be interested in. (Though beyond that yea- ours is boring. ;p )

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Things go from bad to worse.

      I bought a high top van (only high top one I could find for months) to fix up to use as a stealthcamper/vandweller/art studio. I bought it knowing it needed new tires and there was a scraping sound in the back. From past experience I thought this sound was where the brake pads were ground off and it was metal on metal since the brakes were also spongy.

      Once I saved up the money I bought brake pads, shoes and rotors. After removing the tires I found the brakes and rotors were all good. I decided to go ahead and install the new Brake master cylinder and booster since the cost was covered by returning the brakes. I replaced the cylinder and booster under the hood (which wasn’t too hard) but it didn’t make a difference- I couldn’t bleed the brakes myself.

      So I thought it may be the bearings on the wheels needing replaced. I asked some car people I know and they thought the same thing too. That would’ve cost about $200 per wheel, so I was only going to get the one needed done if both didn’t.

      Thats when it went downhill fast. The mechanics looked at it and found the noise is in the axle/ differential. The cheapest option would be replacing the axle with a used one from another vehicle… but the closest axle is a few hours away and will cost $1600 in parts and labor.

      … yea. Every time I start to get my life moving in the right direction something goes wrong with the vehicle I own that costs around $1k-$2k to fix. EVERY time.

      And this time I don’t have the funds to fix it or a way to do it otherwise and I can’t afford to buy yet another vehicle (that would end up having problems too, like every other one I’ve bought.)

      Some times I really feel like giving up. Right now I feel utterly defeated. I can’t afford to buy something else and I can’t afford to fix what I _just_ bought.

    • TheAtomicSoul

      @Ivarr said:
      as for in my home town, New Richmond WI…


      Have you ever been to the Harry Houdini Historical Center?
      330 East College Avenue, Appleton, Wisconsin 54911 USA

      It’s about 4 hours from where you are, but seems like an interesting place if you ever go to that area.

      ( Then again, I did magic when I was a kid, so I’m partial. :P )


      ~ TheAtomicSoul

    • TheAtomicSoul

      I’ve been working on a new project related to Five Nights at Freddy’s!


      I’ve also made some mini facehuggers!

      ANNND if you play I made keys for the game!

      (and if you don’t, join the Enlightened! )

    • TheAtomicSoul

      @Lexi said:
       I have been meaning to try out some modelling for a uni project, tried using Blender but I couldn’t work out how to use it.

      I hate blenders old interface, and the new one is just “so so”.

      I prefer Maya, but it’s what I originally learned on so I may be biased.

    • TheAtomicSoul

      @TheAtomicSoul said:
      I did it.
      I posted on my Facebook page that… I want to live in a van.

      And quickly was told to take it down.


      ZERO fcks were givin that I want to live in a van and travel.

      No, my mother only cared about what OTHER people think about it; what they think about me, how people are talking about me, etc.

    • TheAtomicSoul

      I did it.

      I posted on my Facebook page that… I want to live in a van. I want to do this so I can travel and do art without having to figure out where to get $600+ every month for rent and utilities. I want to experience more then the same 50 mile area I’ve lived in the past thirty-four years. 

      But it’s not just that. By posting, I am also telling them that I don’t want to live here anymore. That I won’t be around to help them. That they are, after the past few years, going to be on their own.  They’re adults. It should be OK.

      But I went a 6 hour drive away with someone I only new online to an even (Ingress) for two days and they acted like I would get killed while there. They acted like the world is horrible and talked about how they couldn’t do it. I try to help them manage their bills (and now I think that was a mistake.) They won’t be able to rely on the $300 a month I was paying for rent to cover the electric bill.


      Most of all I will now have to face whatever my parents, my sister, my nephew, and the rest of my family think about me… about what I’m doing. I’ve always plays the role I thought I needed to… that I thought I was supposed to. I never wanted to disappoint my family. By doing what I am, I feel they will see it- see me-  as nothing but a disappointment, even though the path I was heading life should have been an obvious mistake.


      It’s going to be hard facing their opinions, but it’d be harder not trying to do what I am.

    • TheAtomicSoul

      @Lexi said:
      Thats so cool, the likeness if perfect! Which program did you use to model it in?

      Thanks, thats what I was aiming for! ^.^

      I use a program called Maya, but any 3D animation program would work — it’s alll a matter of getting used to how the program operates!

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Another thingmaggier!

      I’ve become addicted to Mystery Skulls GHOST animation made by Mysteryben and did a little fan art (SUPER rare thing for me to do!)

      This was especially amazing because when I was 90% through (everything but his head) my computer decided it’s not going to let me run ANY 3d program anymore. I managed to finish the head on my tablet. XD


      If you haven’t seen the animation, watch it here:

      @Brigadier Davis said:
      The Danger ball looks wicked Atomic.


      Keep up the work and keep up the insanity ;)

      Thanks! ^.^

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Sorry- I thought I had replied to this already, but it’s good that I didn’t.

      The program I use to cut the shirt and vinyl decals stopped working for me. It’s old and I can’t register it OR find a cracked version of it so I can’t do any work on shirts or vinyl ATM. The only solution is to buy another program which costs about $250, so it’s going to be a while before I can make shirts again. :(

    • TheAtomicSoul

      A few updates:


      Made last year, an updated version of the Chrysalis Mask!

      And yes, that is color shift paint! :D


      I also finished molding the Dangerballs!


      And finally, making some large ScoobyDoo tags!

    • TheAtomicSoul

      Hello thread I forgot I started! XD


      I ~WAS~ almost out of debt at the start of this year but started having health issues which caused me to lose my job, and for the same reason I can’t get a new one. now I’m about $4,000 in debt.

      Goals are still the same but now I have to add finding a job I can do thats doesn’t require working for someone else.


      How is everyone elses goals going?

    • TheAtomicSoul

      I was wondering if there was a cosplay thread!

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