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Toy Soldier Name

Terminal Nostalgia


Bath, UK


Toy Soldier


Term, Lady Eleanora Alexandrea, The Captain; depends who I am being at the time.

Enlistment date

2030-10-28 00:00:00

Special Skills

I am a creative writing student. Want somefing ritted but u know right gud? I’m the girl for you!
I also have some level of skill in art, and a little in sewing and film making.
Coming up with new ideas and using my imagination are two things I’m very good at. Seriously, stuck on ideas for something, I’ll (try) to help!


Bio, hmm hmm hmm, where to start?
Well, I’m a 18 year old female university student.
I have a real love of all things Steampunk, but especially the fashion and music.
My favourite band is Steam Powered Giraffe. To say that I like them is rather an understatement. It’s closer to an obsession. But in a good way. If there’s such thing as a good obsession. Well. At least it’s not a bad obsession. I mean, as in, like, I don’t know, it’s just fine you know?
I adore music on the whole though, despite having less musical talent than a comatose turtle stuck to a jam jar lid.
Know any unusual or interesting bands? I’ll happily give ’em a listen!

Aliases wise, Term is my fursona, a genderless dragon/wolf/bird creature with a rainbow main who was raised by chickens. It loves fruit pie and could eat them by the bucketful, if it wasn’t for it’s morbid fear of buckets.
Lady Eleanora Alexandrea is my very underdeveloped Steamsona who I usually take on when dressed in one of my steampunk outfits.
The Captain is my Steam Powered Giraffe fanbot, a robot airship pirate captain. She’s not really the sharpest tool in the shed, but it’s amazing what damage you can do with a blunt one!

Events & Invasions

None, I’m afraid!