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Toy Soldier Name

Sergeant Stina Xer


Los Angeles area


Toy soldier


Professor of Erzatzology; Guardian of the Feasts

Enlistment date

2012-03-02 00:00:00

Special Skills

Hand-sewn toys–Madd scientist dolls & sock animals. Needlework of all kinds– particularly Quilting and embroidery.

Feasts and Cakery

Poetry; Silly Ballads (including Haikus from animal POV)

Humanist Ministry: can legally perform weddings (not in churches). Performed weddings for free for same-sex couples when it became legal here.


Virtually all my life I have been a non-normative outlier celebrant always seeking networks of like-minded mirthenaries. First indicator? I climbed out of the classroom window in 2nd grade (I was 6) and immediately went off with a friendly young man I’d never met before (he was 18 or 19) to celebrate “purple day” (which we just made up) by eating grapes and eggplants. His name was George and later that year he got us a gig in an odd coffeehouse where I’d read my joyous poems (I was 7 years old) as he played music. Friends until my parents relocated 6 months later. It took another nine years (moving another 10 times) to establish “The Fringies,” my high school group–put in detention repeatedly for our antics (including arranging impromptu cross-campus races for our comrades in wheelchairs). After high school, I started the “Undiscovered Artists Club” where we’d meet and share whatever arts (widely defined) we were working on and produce “art happenings” at random spots around town (in Connecticut). Moved to Boston and established NMMF (No More Mind F**ks) where we would post collage-work and give elaborate masks to random strangers–I also affiliated with God Bob and the Church of the SubGenius (briefly) then moved to L. A. and joined the Cacophony Society (briefly) where I took part in the ride-a-bus-dressed-as-a-clown event and the invade a bar dressed as an astronaut and give out science-fiction comic books, event etc. But now I have found a true network of mirthenaries and hope to contribute to the utopian playland plotting.

Events & Invasions

Recent Missions:

Finals week bi-annually for 4 years: I muster 35-40 emergency recruits in a strategic library incursion in order to deliver cheerful messages (and dollar bills) to random drop zones within the library and to individual targets.

Annually 3 times led propaganda campaign for contributions of small items to mail to random individuals. Success! average 5 boxes per mission contents also included TSU insignia (soldier stickers, etc.) and my sock animals and other random toys.