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Toy Soldier Name

Nik O'Laun


Toy Soldier



Enlistment date

2012-06-03 00:00:00

Special Skills

Tailor and makeup artist in training. Merchant by trade. I run convention booths incredibly well, am decent with retail but really shine in convention wholesale. My best qualities are interpersonal skills and efficiency in the workplace using logic games.


I am incredibly chipper and upbeat, to the point most people are thrown off guard, yet it tends to work in my favor. I’m a very efficient and hard worker, as I enjoy tactic and diplomatically based games and am capable of turning almost any task into one or the other. I hate being idle. I adore listening to people more intelligent than I am, mainly because they won’t be for long! Or… So I keep telling myself. =^-^=

Events & Invasions

Working on it!