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    • Picasso

      top 10 toys:

      1) Teddy bear, named Teddy…I was a very original youngster.  My dad got him for me from a friend who was going to throw him away because he was a gift from the girlfrend he recently broke up with lol


      2) Sir Humfry Cummington.  He goes to all events I can bring him to and hes been personalized by me and many other people who are important to me.


      3) Hula Hoop, it lights up and I have taught myself everything I know :)


      4) Nerf guns, good mention by the way, because my family was obsessed with them and we had a nerf xmas one year and everyone got a gun and we had a battle, grandparents included…it ended when my uncle oey got shot in the eye with a dart though lol


      5) Beanie babies, every xmas my parents would put one on top of mine and my younger sister’s stocking.  Our collection got so big it resulted in Beanie Baby wars where me and my sister would build forts and use them as proectile.


      6) Blankets…blanket forts, obviously lol


      7) Dress up was a huge part of me and my neighbors time together.


      8) The cardboard box, so many possibilities from something so simple, cars, houses, cities and boats, many years of my childhood were spent in a cardboard box with my stuffed animals.


      9) The laundry basket was also used as a sled and a convenient way for my parents to pull us through the snow lol


      10) Hide and seek flashlight tag.  Period.

    • Picasso

      Her name is Morgan, she can’t remember her information to log in on the site though, if sh does I will most certainly tell her to send you a message!  I agree, the three of us can invade some local hot spots, tea, crumpets with licorice wands and chocolate frogs for dessert from the British store!

      I don’t have any official training, but I would love to get some actual lessons.  Everything I know how to do with my hoop I’ve taught myself.  Cyr wheels run about 600.00$ to 1,000.00$ roughly.  I have a long way to go before I’m capable of that though, but in my Utopian Playland, I have that instead of a car.

    • Picasso

      My roommate has been a toy soldier for a while now, she’s converted me, what can I say!  It’s beautiful, peaceful, and all around what I want in my own life and the lives of others.

    • Picasso

      Hello all, my name is Mikey Picasso, I’m from Pittsfield MA, USA, hopefully moving to RI soon though!!  I’m new to the toy soldier regime, obviously, but my roommate has been a member for years and has successfully converted me.

      In my spare time I practice my hooping skills, I will hopefully one day have enough money for a cyr wheel, if you don’t know what that is click here :) : .  I work as a phone operator for the deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired.

      So yeah, that’s what I do and how I came to be here!

      Thanks for reading, hopefully I’ll make some good friends to go out and spread the word of our worldwide conquest for a Utopian Playland with! :)

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