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    • TheTechnician

      Its less of a cost issue, and more of a luck/ingenuity thing. I had a system in my old car that had two 12″ speakers, and a 1000 Watt amp, I didnt have to pay for anything, just picked stuff up over time. And I won a pair of beats solo headphones at work, sounds great, but I’m not spending 200 bucks on headphones lol.

    • TheTechnician

      Was searching through youtube for new music, and stumbled across Dr. Steel. I think the first song was “Singularity”, which I love the whole transhumanism idea, and started searching more. After a few songs, I was hooked. The message of just live life, and enjoy it is pretty much how I try and live my life, so after some research, I found TSU, and here I am now.

    • TheTechnician

      Hello fellow soldiers. A brand new toy soldier here in the Manassas, Virginia area!

      Just recently found Dr. Steel and the TSU (like yesterday recently), and felt it to be a good organization to devote my abilities. 

      Quick bit about me:

      -I love to tinker, break down, build back up, and create new toys for my amusement (I love the whole Toy aspect of this culture, fits me well).

      -I am an amateur philosopher (would have gone to school for it, if it weren’t for the inherent brainwashing in the classroom; what to think, how to think, etc…), which makes Dr. Steel stand apart.

      -I am an audiophile, and have to have my music sound good.

      Other than all of that, I am still trying to get a hang on this whole TSU thing, and am looking forward to getting to know other toy soldiers, and hopefully find people that will appreciate my creations as much as I.

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