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“You’re welcome, mainly for my own sake. If I sleep here all the time, I’ll be crazy.” Emmett looked at Edward with indifference. Yesterday he had not intended to tell Edward about Zero, but standing beside the bed, he overheard that Zero had plans to live here for a long time, which made him have to help Edward. Looking at the long school buses in front of him, he asked Edward, “Are there any outings today?”? But I didn’t prepare anything. “It’s for biology class. Today’s biology class is to go to the botanical garden to observe the growth and planting of plants.” Edward took Zero’s hand and walked to the classroom. As for biology, it was scheduled for the afternoon. In the afternoon, Zero followed Edward and Alice to one of the school buses. Zero and Edward were sitting in the row, and Alisa and Jasper were sitting in the row behind them. Zero, have you decided on a dress for the ball? Alice’s excited voice came from behind. “Zero smiled back and casually glanced at Bella sitting in the back. She and Jessica were sitting together, but her eyes were staring at Edward.” What’s the matter? Asked Alice, seeing Zero suddenly stop talking. I’m not going to the ball. I can’t dance, so I won’t think about the dress. Zero shook his head and moved his eyes to Alice’s slightly worried face. Go to a ball once in a blue moon. You can’t. Edward can. Let him teach you. Well, as for the dress, I’ll prepare one for you, and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied. How interesting Said Alice,tape measure clip, glancing after Edward, for he did not look back at all. Is that good? Zero looked at Alice’s ambiguous eyes, suddenly a little embarrassed. The hand was suddenly wrapped in a big palm, and Edward’s gentle voice came to my ear. I’ll teach you. “Oh, yes, zero, see,Pi tape measure, Edward has promised, I want to think about what kind of dress to choose for you.” Alice smiled happily and looked at Jasper. What’s your opinion? “Just go and see.” Jasper looked at Alice with a touch of softness in her eyes. Zero looked at Jasper’s performance and admired him deeply. He really loved Alice very much. He usually looked light in front of everyone, but he changed his appearance to Alice alone. Alice was very happy. Suddenly, he thought of Emmett’s appearance to Rosalie. Rosalie was also happy, and her mother was also happy. Great The hand was gently pulled, and Zero looked back at Edward, who slowly approached him with deep meaning in his eyes, and said softly in her ear: “I also make you happy.” The slight moisture stained her earlobes, and a touching pink color quickly appeared on her white and delicate ears, which made Edward smile. “Zero turned sideways with a red face, reached out to touch his ear, looked at Edward coquettishly, and expressed his dissatisfaction with what he had done.” How interesting Zero shy. From behind came Alice’s teasing laughter. Zero was so ashamed that he looked down at the ground and stopped looking at the people around him. Edward looked at the shy zero and smiled. Sitting in the back of Bella has been staring at the front of Edward and others, fish measuring tape ,Wheel tape measure, of course, also saw the interaction between him and zero, zero face shy expression and that full of happy eyes, a look to know is in love. Her heart was sour, but there was a deep doubt in her heart. Yesterday’s kiss let her know that Edward’s cold body temperature was not normal human, but also his inhuman speed and strength. Looking at Zero and lowering her head, Bella wondered, does Zero really know Edward? After getting off the school bus, we followed the teacher into a greenhouse made of glass. The teacher explained slowly in front of us, and asked the students to observe the plants around them carefully. He went to a metal container, turned on the switch of the lower faucet, under which was an empty glass, only to hear the sound of the machine, a yellow-brown liquid slowly flowed into the glass from the faucet, and when the liquid was almost full, the teacher turned off the faucet and lifted the muddy liquid. Turning to the group, he said, “This nutrient-rich liquid is formed through decay, transformation and accumulation, which is called compost.”. ” Zero listened carefully to the teacher’s explanation, she almost stood in front of the teacher, holding a notebook and pen to quickly record everything she had just seen and heard. The teacher looked at her hard work and nodded with satisfaction, because he knew that out of the girl in front of him, almost all the other students were distracted or playing, and did not listen to his explanation. Zero also gave the teacher a friendly smile at this time. Suddenly, there were screams from the girls behind her. At the same time, she felt someone hit her back. Because of the record just now, she was not very stable. She was accidentally hit by the person behind her, and her body rushed forward involuntarily. “Ah-” called softly. Her waist was hugged. She breathed a sigh of relief and looked back at the person holding her with a smile. She was stunned for a moment. Unlike the person he had imagined, it was Mike. Mike stood her up and smiled at her: “Are you all right? Be careful.” “Thank you.” As soon as he finished, Zero felt his body pulled aside, out of Mike’s arm, and the next second he fell into the familiar arm. Looking up, Edward looked at Mike with an ugly face. Mike saw Edward’s unfriendly eyes, opened his hands and smiled awkwardly and walked forward. Edward.. Zero noticed that Edward was a little unhappy. He put his arm around him and looked at him with a smile. “Let’s go out. I’m almost done.” There are many students here, and one will be hit if he is not careful. Mmm. Edward looked down at Zero, his face softened and nodded, leading her in the direction of the exit. Zero, you’re out so soon. Why don’t you look a little longer? Alice asked aloud, as she saw them walking back. I’ve almost finished reading it, and there’s a detailed explanation in the book. Take your time. Zero turned to Alice and smiled. 02 people out of the glass room, the fresh air outside immediately came to the face refreshing,Diameter tape measure, although inside is the smell of plants, but because of the lack of air circulation or produced a strange smell, or the air outside is beautiful.


“I want to come out to work, and I have a way out even if I don’t study. It’s not that every profession produces its own champion.” When he thinks of the expensive tuition fees in high school, Han Xue will think of his father picking up garbage outside in the rain and snow. Dad is already more than ten years old, is half of the body has been buried in the loess, how can Han Xue have the heart to let him so tired for himself. Nonsense! Ye Qian snapped, “You are still young, what can you do if you don’t read?”? Second brother, I regret that I didn’t study well before. You have a chance now, and you can’t give up. “But.” Han Xue wanted to say something more, but he swallowed the words to his mouth. Lesser Snow, Dad knows what you think, but what can you do without reading? You can rest assured that I will support you to study even if you break the pot and sell the iron. Said Torre. Listen to Dad, your biggest task now is to do a good job in your study, so that you won’t be sorry for Dad, do you know? Ye Qian also said aside. Han Xue’s eyes were red, and his eyes were filled with crystal tears, but they did not flow down, and he nodded silently. Just then, two uniformed policemen came in. One of them was Wang Yu, the policewoman I met last night. The other was a young man. After entering the ward, the young man glanced around and asked, “Who is Ye Qian?” Dad and Han Xue looked blankly at the police. Dad looked worried and thought Ye Qian had done something again. He asked hurriedly, “Two police officers, what happened?” Hearing his father’s words, the policeman turned his eyes to Ye Qian and said,Adhesive fish ruler, “Someone has accused you of deliberately injuring other people’s bodies. Please come back to the police station with us.” Ye Qian was silent for a moment, knowing that this must be Zeng Dafu’s report to the police, Li Dong’s group of people are all hoodlums, certainly not to call the police, otherwise it would not be good for them. Looking back at his father, Ye Qian said, “Dad, it’s all right. Don’t worry.” Then he turned around and said, “Come on, I’ll go back with you.” The male policeman took off the handcuffs from his waist and walked toward Ye Qian. Ye Qian looked cold and glared at him. His eyes were as sharp as a sword. The policeman was so frightened that he shivered. The handcuffs he took out were put back on his waist. Let’s go Said the policeman. Ye Qian looked back and threw a reassuring look at his father, and then walked out. Watching Ye Qian being taken away by the police, the old man sighed helplessly and said to Han Xue: “Lesser Snow, help me up quickly.” “Dad, horse weight tape ,Horse weight lbs, where are you going?” Han Xue asked. I want to make a phone call. Waiter has a hard life. I can’t let him have another accident. Dad said. Out of the hospital, Ye Qian was pressed onto the police car, and Wang Yu and the male policeman sat opposite him. Ye Qian smiled thoughtfully and looked at Wang Yu and said, “Officer, we meet again.” “Well, I said you’d better not get into my hands, or I won’t let you go.”. Go back to the station later and see how I deal with you. Wang Yu glared at Ye Qian and said mercilessly. Remembering that she had been teased by the hooligan last night, she was not angry at all. Ye Qian shrugged his shoulders indifferently and did not speak again, but his eyes kept sweeping around Wang Yu’s chest, making a “tut” sound from time to time. Feeling Ye Qian’s naked eyes, Wang Yu’s eyes met him in the past. He glared at him mercilessly and said, “What are you looking at?”? I’ll gouge your eyes out. Ye Qian smiled and said, “Officer, your uniform is too small. You should change it into a bigger one. You can see that your clothes are bursting.” You.. You have the guts to say it again! Wang Yu roared angrily, with round eyes and a look of wanting to kill Ye Qian. Ye Qian, however, looked like a dead pig who was not afraid of boiling water. He said disdainfully, “You haven’t slept with me. How do you know I have no guts?” “Ye Qian, I’ll kill you!” Wang Yu roared hysterically. Xiao _ Shuo txt Tian’tang Chapter 011 do you dare? Wang Yu really wanted to shoot the hooligan in front of him, but when he saw his proud appearance, he suppressed his anger. How can I say that I am a highly educated person? How can I have the same knowledge as this hooligan. Besides, her anger was just as Ye Qian wished. She didn’t want him to be so proud. Anyway, it’s not too late for a gentleman to take revenge for ten years. When he arrived at the police station, he had plenty of ways to deal with him. When the time comes, not all the revenge will be avenged. Not long after, the car entered the police station. Wang Yu and another policeman escorted Ye Qian in. Ye Qian looked like he didn’t care, as if the police station was his own back garden, and now he was just coming to sit and look at the flowers. Looking at the anger on Wang Yu’s face, the policemen he met along the way avoided one after another. They didn’t understand why Wang Yu was like this today, wondering if her period was coming. Ye Qian was thrown directly into the interrogation room and his hands were handcuffed to the chair. Ye Qian also did not resist, he would like to see what tricks this violent police flower can play. You get out! Wang Yu said loudly to the male policeman of the same trade. Accustomed to Wang Yu’s violent behavior for a long time, the male policeman did not care at all, such as the amnesty rushed out. He dared not imagine that if he stayed, he would not be affected by Wang Yu’s anger. As soon as he came out, he was immediately surrounded by a group of good colleagues and asked him what had happened. Don’t worry, don’t worry, I know what you want to ask, let me drink a glass of water first? I was scared all the way. Sun Jisheng patted his chest and said. Remembering that in the car just now, when Ye Qian hinted that Wang Yu’s chest was too big, he was really scared. In his opinion, Wang Yu was really likely to shoot him,Fiberglass tape measure, or at least beat him severely. But he didn’t understand why Wang Yu didn’t care about it in the end. Until Wang Yu’s gloomy face just now, he finally understood that he was going to retaliate. Come on, what’s going on? Who is that man? The colleagues urged anxiously. He is the one who injured Zeng Dafu. Do you know what he said to Wang Yu in the car just now? Sun Jisheng said.