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Toy Soldier Name

Sgt. Nack


Sioux Falls, SD


Toy Soldier


Richard Peterson

Enlistment date

2008-03-27 00:00:00

Special Skills

Propaganda spreading

Finding stuff related to world domination

Having fun


Making Cookies with mutating properties


Once upon a time, a man from the steampunk era runs for his life from giant mutant hamsters heading for his airship. He makes it with centimeters to spare. Currently hiding where the US air force tells him to, Secretly supporting the Toy Soldiers and quest for a utopian playland.

26 Oct 2008 – Sgt.Nack was nominated to be Soldier of the week for his creation of the monthly Toy Soldier news letter and brilliant contribution to the cause.

Events & Invasions

Toy Soldier Cheer

Survey Hypnosis

Toy Soldier Day Disneyland Invasion ’08

Sidewalk Propaganda

Kern County Fair Invasion ’08

Steampunk Convention/Abney Park Invasion

Operation TPT: NERF Wars

Rock for Tots Venue

Toy Soldier Day Disneyland Invasion ’09

Kern County Fair Invasion ’09