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Toy Soldier Name

Sgt. 2×2


Toy Soldier

Enlistment date

2008-10-01 00:00:00

Special Skills

Creative Versatility.

I’m a screen printer.
I’m an artist.
I have some photoshop and illustrator skills.
I have some desktop publishing experience.
I have some filming and editing experience.
I have some audio editing experience.
I have some CSS and a bit of HTML.
I have some Excell VBA programming skills.
I have some sewing and costuming skills.
I have a lot of Nerf guns.

Super Power: being able to twist almost anything anyone says into something dirty ;)


ID # : TS19040
Commander of Division 315, Robot Monkeys

Soldier of the Week :

22 Jul 2009 – Sgt 2×2 was Toy Soldier of the Week for the second time for her work in the Polaris Invasion! She continues to be one of our most dedicated soldiers working diligently on many projects and events and taking every opportunity to help spread the word of Dr.Steel!

3 Nov 2008 – 2×2 is Soldier of the week for organizing her division’s donation drive, giving boxes of goodies to the local women’s shelter in the name of Dr.Steel.

About Me:
I am the type of person that likes to do creative things, be it drawing, painting, building things, sewing costumes, decorating my house, carving bone, sculpting with clay, doing puzzles, playing guitar, writing, playing with web design, etc. I love being creative!

As you can probably tell, this means I have a lot of different interests. I may not know everything about any one thing, but I know a little about a lot of things

I am also a fan of sci-fi and fantasy stuff – books, movies, tv. My favourite show was and is (and will always be!) Firefly; I am a die-hard Browncoat.

I am also a member of the Society for Creative Ananchronism (SCA) and enjoy dressing in medieval clothes (mostly Viking Age Norse) on a regular basis.

I have a good (if a bit warped) sense of humour, and my super power is being able to twist almost anything anyone says into something dirty ;)

And lastly I am married to the awesomeness that is YJ Colonel Canker Canison! <3

Events & Invasions


Operation: 1000000 MySpace Plays, Oct 3, 2008 (also on-going)
Operation: Extended Network, Oct 3, 2008
Operation: Bookmark, Oct 3, 2008 (also on-going)
Operation: Leaflet Distribution, Oct 3, 2008 (also on-going)
Operation: Propaganda posters, Oct 3, 2008 (also on-going)
Operation: Guerilla sticker attack, Oct 3, 2008 (also on-going)
Operation: Magazine reload, Oct 3, 2008
Operation: Stencil Patrol, Oct 7, 2008 (also on-going)
Operation: Junk Mail Revenge, Oct 8, 2008 (also ongoing)
Operation: Closet Purge, Oct 13, 2008 (also ongoing)
Operation: Stamp Everything
Operation: Point of Purchase Donation, Nov 25, 2008 (also ongoing)
Operation: Feed the Kitties, Dec 22, 2008
Operation: Salute in Space! August, 2010


Operation: Bake Sale, Oct 20, 2008
Operation: Donation from the Doctor, Oct 29, 2008
Operation: Making History, Oct 3, 2008 (TFP) (also on-going)
Operation: CAP, Oct 3, 2008 (HATS) (also ongoing)
Operation: Dr. Steel’s Robotic Chauffeurs of Doom!, Oct 30, 2008 (#315)
Operation: Rest Stop, Nov 8, 2008 (#315)
Operation: Tactical Playtime, Nov 12, 2008 (FDC)
Operation: 315 Donation Machine, Dec 6, 2008 (#315)
Operation: Tactical Playtime Training 2 “T-Shirt Shindig” Dec 13, 2008 (#315)
Operation: How the Alien Illuminati Stole Steelmas, Dec 15, 2008
Operation: Christmas with the Hamsters, Dec 24, 2008
Operation: Puppet Show, Dec 19, 2008
Operation: Santa’s Lap, Dec 6, 2008
Operation: Steelbucks, Nov 24, 2008


Infiltration: Big Nickel, Oct 11, 2008 (Sudbury, ON)


Toronto Fall ComiCon, Nov 30, 2008
Toy Soldier Day Downtown Toronto, Mar 4, 2009