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Toy Soldier Name

Sgt. Dutch


Sergeant Dutch

Enlistment date

2008-09-09 00:00:00

Special Skills

Administrator – Banhammering, intimidation, open to bribery, organizing, and general digital jiggery-pokery.


Sgt. Dutch volunteered for service in the Army of Toy Soldiers mid 2008, and immediately found himself heavily involved from the onset.

It was through the Army that he learned of the Singularity, and with an already growing fascination of human upgrades and artificial evolution, Sgt. Dutch made it his mission to be on the forefront of technological developments, hoping to one day allow every human the choice of upgrading themselves.

After being on the front line of many invasions and missions, Commander JET enlisted his aid when ownership of the Digital Bunker was handed over. Together they set up about renovating and rebuilding it, exploring sections, and discovering secret documents pertaining to it’s construction and location.

It was during a routine maintenance expedition into the ‘Quantum Reality Virtual Enabler’ server system that allowed the digital bunker to exist in both the virtual and normal reality that an explosion occurred, embedding Sgt. Dutch with shrapnel from the machines.

After a short recovery period, he found himself part man, part machine. If he’s offline from the internet longer than 24 hours, Sgt. Dutch begins exhibiting withdrawal symptoms and after 72 hours, shuts down entirely.

Part way towards his goal of fully replacing his biological body with synthetics, Sgt. Dutch now acts as the central processing point for the Digital Bunker and the Army of Toy Soldiers, maintaining, repairing, and improving systems, while gathering and distributing information.

“One day soon, the human body will be entirely replicable with machines. At that point, we’ve got to decide if we want to stay on the slow path of evolution, or embrace humanities creations and ability to adapt, and take the next step to bettering ourselves.”

Events & Invasions

Abney Park Invasion ’09
Halloween @ Big Lick in Colchester
MCM Expo London ’09
The 2nd Annual Great British Invasion
The Great Grand British London Invasion
MCM Expo London October ’10
Tactical Playtime Training Day Leeds ’10
TS Day and Col. Necro Memorial in London ’11
MCM Expo London May ’11
The Great Grand British London Invasion ’11
MCM Expo London October ’11
Battersea Park Bonfire night ’11
Toymas ’11
MCM Expo London May ’12
MCM Expo London Oct ’12
MCM Expo London May ’13
MCM Expo London Oct ’13
MCM Expo London Oct ’14
MCM Expo London Oct ’15
Namco Funscape Reconnoiter January ’16

Completed Missions
Operation: Manifesto Distribution
Operation: Magazine Reload
Operation: Library Homepage
Operation: Junkmail Revenge
Operation: eBay Brainwash (stickers and manifesto’s included in sold items)
Operation: Bookmark
Operation: Pub Brainwash (Brainwash the drunks)
Operation: Utopian PlaySystem 1.1
Operation: Building A Utopian Playland DVD
Operation: TPTD Toymas drinks London ’10