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Zhao Zhong, who was cunning by nature, had some understanding of Shi Zhong’s temper. Although this’unicorn ‘was a seventh-order strange beast, Shi Zhong’s indifferent face clearly told them that it should not be a problem to deal with this strange beast, so why did he have to risk death and injury to kill it with them? How good it would be to reap the benefits. Anyway, this booty, when handed over to the master, will not be less of their own benefits. Looking at Shi Zhong’s palm like a bear’s paw, Shi Zhong gave Zhao Zhong a disdainful look and said lightly, “I still think how serious it is. Look at Chu Ran. The injury should be heavier than yours, right?”? It’s just that if you don’t want to participate, you can rest on one side. Shi Zhong’s heart is not the kind of mentality that is difficult for others, but after secretly sighing for Zhao Zhong in the bottom of his heart, he is looking at the’unicorn ‘breathing heavily. Attention, two to distract the unicorn, two to attack his tail, and the rest to attack his back with me. But remember to avoid the horn on its forehead! This unicorn is not very cruel by nature, but it will appear impatient. Once an object provokes it slightly, it will attack at random. As long as the speed is agile enough and the reaction is fast enough, it is not difficult to avoid the single horn on the forehead. After the division of labor, each of the practitioners suddenly sent out a protective circle within themselves,Inflatable indoor park, and they were still somewhat afraid of the unicorn before they had fully recovered. Feeling the fluctuation of this energy, the standing unicorn, with a red eye, suddenly rushed to a man in front of him. More wonderful, more good books, all in the wonderful book network-http://Www.Qisuu.Com. Chapter 46 farewell (for a collection). Update time: 2012 101821:48:08 Number of words in this chapter: 4647 Feel the fluctuation of this energy, has been holding the’unicorn ‘suddenly cried out, suddenly rushed to the man in front of him,inflatable air dancer, that foot down, but can clearly feel the whole earth is some vibration up. But all the way running’unicorn ‘is splashed with dust, almost can not see its running body. What a great confidence! A man standing in front of the Unicorn gave a somewhat shocked exclamation. His expression changed slightly, and the man’s eyes suddenly wrinkled and jumped into the air. See the’unicorn ‘tail suddenly swept, straight to the man in midair, with the sound of breaking the wind, the tail brought out the energy, unexpectedly let the man can feel a slight push. Seeing the heavy tail like an iron bar, the man struggled to move his body just to avoid the heavy tail. Here’s your chance! Let’s go together! Shi Zhong suddenly gave a loud roar, and several men suddenly shook their fists, but they attacked all parts of the’unicorn ‘. When this’unicorn ‘attacks people, it often sweeps the other side hard with its powerful tail first, and then continues to hit the other side with its deadly unicorn on its forehead. However, some clumsy bodies, at some time, inflatable water slide ,Jumping castle with slide, are impossible to deal with the practitioners who are superior in speed, and this strange beast, once locked in the target, no matter what stimulation there is outside. Its tracking target will not change. Unless someone attacks its most taboo part, that is, the extremely aggressive unicorn! Facts proved everything, when Shi Zhong and his group saw his tail waving out, they attacked the’unicorn ‘in all directions. Although the skin of this’unicorn ‘is not as hard as the fur of the green-eyed wolf, it is only the defensive power of the Airbender stage, or the slight pain from the fist when Shi Zhong and others attack its body. However, this’unicorn ‘is also uncomfortable, after being randomly bombarded by Shi Zhong and others, some parts of the body have obvious signs of bruising. This situation, however, makes the man who led the’unicorn ‘feel some pressure. After this attack, the Unicorn will not change its target, but its tail will sweep irregularly to the locked target. Sure enough, after the stimulated’unicorn ‘cried out again, he waved his tail almost crazily and kept waving at the man. And the man’s figure, also kept in the tail sweep at the same time shuttle, a little splash of dust, almost let the shuttle man some breathless. However, in this case, the man’s figure began to slow down a little, his eyebrows slightly wrinkled, he could clearly feel the energy brought out by the intricate tail shadow, but some gradually surrounded his own feeling. Be careful, Zhang Que! Shi Zhong, who was attacking the back of the’Unicorn ‘, occasionally turned his head and saw some deadlocked men, and he was loudly concerned and reminded. When fighting, the most taboo is to distract attention, but this Shi Zhong out of a moment of concern, unexpectedly forgot this big taboo. Obviously, after hearing this cry, Zhang Que’s eyes suddenly looked at Shi Zhong, who was attacking, just in a twinkling of an eye. The tail of the’unicorn ‘has been swept down by Zhang Que. Feeling the strong energy sweeping from his back, Zhang Que was suddenly startled, and his body was somewhat unable to move. Pow! ‘Unicorn ‘Tail has been mercilessly swept on the back of Zhang Que, and Zhang Que, but by this strong impact directly hit the ground, suddenly felt a burst of sweet throat, Zhang Que’s mouth, suddenly spurted a mouthful of blood. At the same time, the head of the’unicorn ‘was suddenly too high again, and the horn on his forehead looked a little dazzling in the light of a little sunshine. After that flash of light, he waved his head down to Zhang Que on the ground. Zhang Que,inflatable castle with slide, who had not yet reacted from his panic, saw the imminent attack of the’unicorn ‘and looked even more fearfully at the unicorn that was enough to kill him. However, it was impossible for him to avoid the attack of the Unicorn Bull at this time.