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Toy Soldier Name

Pvt Morglum


swansea, wales


Toy Soldier

Enlistment date

2010-10-29 00:00:00

Special Skills


Soldier of the Week :

23rd September 2012 – This weeks Toy Soldier of the Week award goes to Pvt Morglum! His recent efforts include the invasion and requisition of the HMS Belfast, a battleship museum on the river Thames. He has also participated in a video shoot for Professor Elemental and worked to increase activity in his divisions. This has gained him recognition and thanks from his fellow solders. After all, a battleship could come in handy someday! (Swing by and pick me up next time you’re sailing through the Pacific, would ya? I’d love to go on a tour through TSU UK territory!)We salute you, Pvt Morglum!

26th February 2012 – Private Morglum is this weeks Toy Soldier Of The Week. He was nominated for his hard work at bringing us the Brighton Invasion which as was previously reported, went off with a bang!
Private Mumbles…. I mean Morglum has been a stalwart soldier, and drills into everyone he meets the meaning of fun, while maintaining an ever alert vigilance for potential atmospheric disturbances by always carrying his gasmask. When asked about it he mentioned something about a part time job in a computer game as a cook. Private Morglum. We Salute You!

17 Apr 2011 – Pvt Morglum is this weeks Toy Soldier of the week for his organization and leadership at the first KAPOW Comic-Con! He is a fairly new recruit but has shown up at many events already and has contributed much in friendship and ideas. He has shown the qualities that make a great Soldier – Fun, Friendship, Creativity and Shades of Clinical Insanity!


I am the Division Leader of the 1665 Clockwork Zombie Division. The London Division in other words. Any soldiers in the capital who havent joined yet, i ask you this, why? WHY? Join now and become part of something fun and brutal!…accepting members from other cities and countries as well mind…

I am the division leader for the 128 kilted crusade, and also UK representative. Any kilt enthusiasts out there are ordered to join this most illustrious of divisions! funited together to bring happiness and hairy legs to the masses!

I am also the Division Leader of #645 G.A.S ( Gasmask Appreciation Society ) special division. All lovers owners collectors and creators of gasmask need to join this division and help spread the word of fun to the world!

Short hairy soldier based in Essex UK ready to serve dr. steel! i joined Dr Steels army of toy soldiers in October 2010 when encountering a large mob at the mcm expo in london, and mighty glad i am that i did!

(currently the keeper of the awesome-ness-age-ness that are the 1665 clockwork zombie division badges, drop me a note if you wish to acquire some) i also have TSU-UK division patchs available too! COME GET SOME!


Events & Invasions

Tours of Duty : 2

Invasions attended.

– MCM October invasion : 26th October 2012.
– HMS Belfast Invasion : 25th August 2012
– Professor Elemental : Im British video shoot. Brighton. 9th August 2012
– MCM Expo London May 2012
– Toy Soldier Day March 4th 2012
– Brighton beach front invasion baby! feb 2012
– Devin Townsend Project ULU London 10-13th November 2011.
– Battersea Park Bonfire Night Celebrations 5th november 2011
– MCM Expo, 28-30th october october 2011
– White mischeif a halloween ball. 29th october 2011
– Rumpus prop drop! 7th october 2011.
– Games days Birmingham. 25th september 2011.
– Kew steam museum. 6th august 2011.
– London Invasion. 8th-10th july 2011.
– MCM Expo London. 27th May 2011
– Kapow Comic Con. 10th April 2011.
– T.S Day Necro Rememberance and British Science Museum 5th March 2011
– London 2011 New Year gathering January 2011

Up coming invasions, missions.

Missions completed.

– Burlesque night, Harlow, prop drop! 9th March 2013
– Spot the prop comp. 6th March 2013.
– Dr steelmas drinks. camden. 1st dec 2012
– He’s Undead Jim! Contest winner. Nov 2012
– Crown Pub Quiz for Charity. 7th August 2012
– Devon wedding prop drop : 7th June 2012
– Operation Bookmark : Sawbridgeworth 10th April 2012.
– Sisters wedding prop drop and salute! 1st October 2011
– Operation/project : soldier snapshots. 12th September 2011
– Spooky mens chorale. 7th september 2011
– Propaganda Drop Munich, 25th august 2011
– Global invasion day. 16th august 2011
– Progaganda planted/ongoing…