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Toy Soldier Name

Professor Lemur


Isle of Wight


Toy Soldier


Raschid, Professor Lemur, or Mahoney

Enlistment date

2012-11-26 00:00:00

Special Skills

Can create tasty cups of tea, articulate. Maybe some that have not been discovered yet.


Originated in ??????? during ????. Skilled in works of ????????. Recently joined ???? ????? ???????.
Were-Welsh: when it rains at full moon he turns into a sheep. In his guise as a sheep he lures psychology students to their death by promising them Freudian analysis and the key to unlocking the human mind. He then feeds them to the undead form of ???? ??????, who takes their brains in the hopes of finding a replacement to the one he lost in the 1990’s. In ???? ??????’s lair (in Wales for some reason), there’s also Zombie Bob Marley writing the recipes for Levi Roots products as they come to him in dreams. Eats shoots and leaves.
Answers to Professor Lemur, Raschid, Mahoney, or “OH HELL NO NOT YOU!”

Events & Invasions

Nothing so far.