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Dzi Bead Change _ Tang Jiasanshao _ txt Novel Paradise

Special Skills

Captain Li of the first battalion frowned and said, “Zhou Xiaopang, it’s a good thing to be competitive.”. But this is the army, and everything has to be done according to the rules. You were hit by at least seven arrows, and your hood was covered with white ash. If you were on a real battlefield, you would have died long ago. At that time, your right choice should be to escape immediately, not to go back to the battlefield to pick up arrows. Just now Captain Xiao said that you violated military discipline. Although you performed well this time, I’m afraid you can’t mention the position of captain. Why don’t you consider coming down to our battalion? Not long after Shangguan Bing’er became a battalion commander, her prestige was insufficient, and the first battalion was the strongest of the four archery battalions, and the veteran squadron leader was not afraid to dig people in front of her. Zhou Weiqing immediately shook his head and turned to Shangguan Bing’er. “No, battalion commander, I didn’t lose,” he said stubbornly. When he finished this sentence, he couldn’t help laughing in his heart. These people really cooperated. Shangguan Binger frowned, “Zhou Xiaopang, don’t fool around.”. You go down first. Zhou Weiqing looked aggrieved and said, “But I really didn’t lose!”! You see As he spoke, he handed his hood to Shangguan Bing’er. As soon as Shangguan Bing took the hood,lamella clarifer, he was stunned. It was obviously not the weight of an ordinary hood. He pinched it with his hand and immediately understood. Looking at Zhou Weiqing’s aggrieved face again, she almost laughed. This guy who is afraid of death is really. These days I thought he had really become serious, but it seems that a leopard cannot change its spots. Bleak looked at Shangguan Bing’s strange face and could not help noticing the hood, “Hey, this hood seems a little bigger.” Shangguan Bing’er handed the hood to him, and in a twinkling of an eye, his bleak face changed. Without saying a word, he looked at Zhou Weiqing with a sullen face,wall penstocks, which made Zhou Weiqing very uncomfortable. The hood was passed down, and after a while the faces of all the squadron leaders became strange. Captain Li of the first battalion sighed, “Talent, you are really a talent.”. You can think of such a way. This thing is made of titanium. Otherwise, such a large volume would not be so light. No wonder you say you’re not dead, even a normal arrow can’t shoot through this thing! Commander Shangguan, this recruit is more convinced than our first battalion. Brother Zhou Xiaopang, right? Brother, keep an eye on you. Obviously, it is impossible to popularize the titanium alloy hood in the army because it is too expensive. But no one could say anything about the big competition of recruits. Did Zhou Weiqing violate the rules? Other people’s equipment is their own money to match, how is it a violation? What’s more, Zhou Weiqing’s archery, which is not inferior to that of the captains, has also been recognized by these people. Shangguan Bing glanced at Zhou Weiqing, lamella tube ,Rotating sludge scraper, and then looked at the bleak silence around him, the corners of his mouth slightly upturned, “Come on, let’s go and see the situation of the light infantry and heavy infantry.” Zhou Weiqing continued to play his Qinbing role, and stood behind Shangguan Binger as soon as he dodged. When he passed by her, he called out softly in a voice that only the two of them could hear, “Binger.” Shangguan Bing’er’s shoulder obviously shook, but one was willing to gamble and admit defeat, and the other was that she could not do it in front of so many people, lest Zhou Weiqing say something embarrassing to her, she immediately quickened her pace and took a squadron leader to see the other two recruits. Zhou Weiqing was trying to follow up, but his arm tightened and he was pulled. When he turned to look, it was bleak that pulled him. His bleak face was a little embarrassed. He lowered his voice and said, “Zhou Xiaopang, do you have the courage to compare with me?” --------------- Bleak is going to compete with Zhou Weiqing. Do you want to see the skills of our classmate Zhou Xiaopang’s rubbing? Hey, please be early tomorrow. Today, the fourth watch has been completed, and members are strongly requested to click and recommend tickets. Now there are thousands of essences to send to you. You are welcome to say more in the book review section. Ask a member to click, ask to recommend. Chapter Sixteen Recruit Competition (4) Zhou Weiqing looked at him carefully and shook his head without hesitation: “No.”. ” Bleak eyebrows, “are you afraid?” “Why should I compare with you?” Asked Zhou Weiqing? What’s the advantage of comparing with you? Bleak cold hum, “if you can win me, what if I give you the position of squadron leader?” Zhou Weiqing rolled his eyes. “What if I lose?” “Then get out of the barracks, at least not in our three battalions,” he said bitterly. She asked herself that although she could not compare with Shangguan Bing’er as a dzi master in personal strength, she was far better than Shangguan Bing’er in military skills. But suddenly appeared such a Zhou Xiaopang, but completely disrupted his plan to attack Shangguan Binger. It is obviously more difficult to regain the position of battalion commander, not to mention that her more important purpose is to prove that she is better than Shangguan Bing’er. No, what’s good about the middle captain? It’s not comfortable to follow the beautiful battalion commander. Zhou Weiqing repeatedly shook his head, his face was still serious, but little did he know that his stomach was already smiling. In the heart secret way, bleak, Xiao Ruse, hey hey. How old are you, and your head is full of love between men and women? So what do you want? There was a faint murderous look in the bleak eyes. Zhou Weiqing shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, if I lose, I’ll leave the battalion commander and our three battalions as you said.”. If you lose, you have to promise me one condition. It’s just that I haven’t figured out the terms yet. Bleak eyebrows slightly wrinkled, sharp eyes looking at Zhou Weiqing, Zhou Xiaopang is a face of pure and honest look, want to see something from his look, it is really too difficult. It can only be something I do personally. You can’t involve your family. You can’t violate your conscience. Said in a bleak voice. She must let Xiaopang leave Shangguan Binger this week, otherwise she has such a new person with unlimited potential in the army, how can she compete with her? What’s more, she has been practicing archery for many years. Although Zhou Xiaopang’s performance just now was amazing, she hasn’t seen it in her eyes yet. OK Zhou Weiqing agreed with great pleasure. Come with me Bleak turned and walked toward the forest of stars not far from Tiangong City. Zhou Weiqing took a look at Shangguan Binger,Wall Penstocks, who was paying attention to the big competition of recruits, and saw that she was not paying attention to her side, and quickly slipped away quietly.


Zi Qing was shocked by her discovery. No wonder Linna was so frightened just now. She must have seen the enemy. But why didn’t she say it? Could it be that she had some level of conscious communication with the enemy at the moment she turned around? No wonder Ziqing thinks so, but everything here is too weird. Just then, deep in the woods, there was a rapid rustle of body and branches and vines, and a fierce beast rushed towards her with great speed. It is a pity that the grass here is deep and the forest is dense, which blocks the view and makes it inconvenient to shoot. Zi Qing hurriedly guard to retreat. Whew The moment Ziqing left, in the place where she had just stood, the air rippled slightly, and then a dark beast covered with needle-like spikes came out of the grass next to it, and after a slight pause, it chased Ziqing in the direction of escape. The surroundings were calm again, and the air rippled slightly again, gradually showing a human outline. The outline became clearer and clearer, and gradually, a human figure with black armor appeared in front of him. Fully two meters tall, the body is very burly and strong, looked at the direction of Ziqing escape, bent back to the wild place. Surrounded by its huge body crushed out of an open space, at this time the strength of the wild struggle is getting smaller and smaller, after all,rotary vacuum disc filters, the head was smashed, leaving only the unconscious activities of the nerve center in the body. The Black Armor man paused, grabbed his wild tail and walked in the other direction. The “vest” led the crowd all the way forward to escape, the forest was deep and the grass was dense, and someone had to cut through the thorns in front of them, so in fact it did not go far. They ran out for a while and heard that the python did not chase them. In addition, they fell from a high altitude,fine bubble diffuser, and then they were always nervous and desperate all the way. Even though their physical strength and mind were beyond ordinary people, they could not stand it at this time. Of course, there are more important things, these are people from different places and different professional backgrounds, even if they subconsciously obey the instructions of the vest when their lives are at stake just now, but when they relax a little, their mutual resentment and vigilance are revealed. Wait for me, wait for me. Linna appeared in the public line of sight in a mess and pressed down the muzzle of the gun. “Vest,” asked Linna, “where is the other one?” They remembered the woman who suddenly landed among them, looking at her face and skills were particularly immature, and he did not find any information about her from the world’s “famous people” like his super brain. It shows that she is really just an ordinary person, an ordinary woman who may have seen survival in the wild and know how to use parachutes. The reckless pursuit just now, their machine guns could not break their scales and armor. The bullet hit the python and bounced off without even leaving a primer. They had so much firepower that they only slightly blocked the python’s attack, disc air diffuser ,Lamella Plate Settler, and then they fled crazily. What they think is that these animals have their own sense of territory, as long as they run out of their range, in theory, they will not pursue again. Unexpectedly, this woman did not fall into the mouth of recklessness. What about the other one? “Yes, in the back,” Linna answered timidly as she clasped her arms pitifully toward them. Except for the prisoner’s eyes, which kept looking at Linna and her buttocks, the others subconsciously moved aside when they saw her coming. Just then, they saw Ziqing running out of a Bush and shouting, “Watch out, there’s a monster.” Her voice was as sharp as it had been when she was in the air, and almost as soon as her voice fell, her body fell to one side, and there was another burst of shooting in the woods. Aw Huhu- Then more monsters came this way, as if suddenly they were surrounded by a monster. Zi Qing rolled on the ground and half knelt up, raised his gun and shot at the place where the branches and leaves trembled. These are like a combination of leopards and porcupines, covered with steel needle-like fur, bullets hit them and slipped away directly, without any injury at all. So instead of shooting blindly and crazily like them, Ziqing aimed and shot directly at their eyes and open mouths. Zi Qing unloading clip on the trip to aim and shoot, at one go, a bullet to get one. When the crowd shot the monster chasing her into a sieve with strong firepower, she had already killed four. There was a strong smell of gunpowder in the forest. All the people had different expressions, and their suspicious and inquisitive eyes fell on Ziqing. However, Ziqing felt that there was a more cold intention to kill himself. The body suddenly crouched back, the muzzle of the gun was thrown over, and the trigger was pulled at the same time. Boom-ding- The bullet bounced off in the air next to the tree in front of it. Horrified, the crowd almost simultaneously pointed their guns at the air and pulled the trigger. Another round of chugging filled the woods. Whoosh There was a slight fluctuation in the air, and Ziqing could only turn his gun to shoot according to his instinct. But this time, none of them hit. You can see that the other side is also moving, and the speed is very fast. The forest was calm again, and the crowd stopped and began to clean up their equipment and supplies. Chapter 1720 “Chapter Prey”. Zi Qing used her strength to brush a sense of existence, and no one ignored her existence any more. They finally realized that in this strange and strange jungle, one person alone could not escape. So they gathered again and began to negotiate in a real sense. Nominal negotiation, in fact, is just a simple self-introduction, saying his name. These people have deep minds, and in popular terms, they are all people with “stories”. The resentment and vigilance between them are almost imprinted in their bones. It is impossible for them to break the barrier and be open at this moment. Zi Qing thought, I’m afraid even the name they introduced was just a code name. That’s true. But it’s better than nothing. At least I know how to address people now. Zi Qing does not matter, the original memory is an ordinary girl’s growth experience, plain, ordinary. A smooth journey of life, finally suddenly revealed the cruel truth of life,multi disc screw press, the spirit almost collapsed, originally wanted to come out to relax, the result was all of a sudden here.

Events & Invasions

Only Zhao is special, not only has the central plains warring States foreign invasion, also has the central plains countries have eliminated or greatly reduced the Hu trouble, really can be said to be foreign invasion cascade! Specifically, in the north of Zhao, there were Sanhu (Donghu, Linhu and Loufan), Zhongshan and Qiangqin in the west, the old enemy Yan in the northeast, the aggressive and powerful Qi in the east, and Wei and Han in the south, which had been burning together for more than a hundred years. Of all the foreign invasions, the invasion of Hu in the north posed the greatest threat to Zhao, which, in the chess language of the world, was “where Hu was anxious”. The reason for this is that after the state of Qin became powerful, all the “Buchen” tribes of Rong Di in the west and the nomadic Xiongnu in the north and Shangjun, as well as Lin Hu Lou Fan, were driven out of the country. These tribes of Rong Di Xiongnu Hu people gathered in Yinshan grassland and its northeastern desert, occupying a vast area including Jiuyuan and Yunzhong, and directly pressing on the head of Yanmen Fortress of Zhao. At the same time,Dissolved Gas Flotation, after losing the foundation of Liaodong, the Donghu tribe also migrated to the northwest grassland desert, pressing on the land due north of Zhao. However, what is more urgent is the two old enemies of the Hu clan in the State of Zhao, Lin Hu and Lou Fan. Linhu, also known as Danlin, is a powerful tribe nomadic in the northern mountain grassland of Yanmenguan for a long time. Loufan was a powerful tribe who had been nomadic for a long time in the mountains south of Shangjun and Yanmen of the State of Qin. They lost the foundation of Shangjun of the State of Qin, so they moved northward to Yanmen,MBR reactor, the land of Zhao, and together with Linhu, they constituted a great threat to the state of Zhao. The reason why it is a big trouble in the elbow and armpit is that Lin Hu Lou has one thing in common, that is, he is good at riding and shooting like a hurricane. He often captures the castle unexpectedly and plunders the wealth, population, cattle, sheep and horses, but it is extremely difficult to catch them. Even if he tries his best to bite them, he can’t give them a heavy blow, let alone gather and annihilate them. Zhao Guoqi has always been stationed in the north hundreds of troops, and always can’t put the hundreds of troops into the central plains, the fundamental reason is that the powerful Hu always can’t be slightly reduced. The great reason why the people of the State of Zhao were exhausted was the frequent lightning plunder of the Sanhu tribe. As far as the general situation is concerned, the border trouble of Zhao at this time is actually the border trouble of the whole China. In other words, the nomadic tribes in the northwest, rapid sand filters ,filter nozzle, which had threatened the whole of China since the Spring and Autumn Period, gathered on the head of Zhao at this time. If there is foreign aggression alone, it is enough to unite the government and the public to fight back with all their strength. It happened that the state of Zhao after the Marquis Su of Zhao was divided by clans, but it was particularly difficult to unite the national strength. What’s more, in the Spring and Autumn Period of the State of Jin, the Zhao tribe was the leading tribe in the world. It was almost a generation of famous generals and elite soldiers. It also formed the tradition of the aristocratic family forming an army alone in the long-term resistance to Hu; After the three divisions of the Jin Dynasty, the changes in the political situation of the State of Zhao were permeated with a strong national style-the power structure was determined by the military strength of all parties, the frequency of coup killings still ranked first among all countries, and the weak monarch was in danger of overturning! After two generations of Zhao Chenghou and Zhao Suhou, although there was a slight improvement, there were still several major military coups, the most tragic of which was the coup launched by Zhao Yong himself to exterminate his uncle Fengyang Jun and return power to his father Zhao Suhou. But since the coup, it is difficult to stop killing. That time, he killed more than three thousand members of his uncle’s family in Fengyang, leaving behind the trauma of the court situation. Before straightening out, his father Zhao Suhou gave up and died. The political rift was under the pressure of dark clouds. How could Zhao Yong not worry? When the second time, how dare to move lightly? This is the harsh pattern that young Zhao Yong has to face. The next night after he ascended the throne, Zhao Yong drove alone to the back door of General Feiyi’s residence in a rickshaw with curtains hanging on all sides. Feiyi was a capable official of Marquis Su of Zhao. He was over fifty years old, but his official position was only a general of Handan with the title of five doctors. When Zhao Yong was the crown prince, he took Feiyi’s military strength in the frontier as the foundation and launched a coup against Fengyang Jun. It is reasonable to say, fat righteousness meritorious service when greatly promoted, but Zhao Suhou has not been promoted to the strength of the old minister, fat righteousness also has no resentment, still loyal to the king, not party attached to any family hilltop. Feiyi was not surprised by the new emperor Zhao Yong’s secret visit at night. With a faint smile, he led Zhao Yong into the secret room of the study. The country is in danger. General, please teach me. Zhao Yong bowed deeply. “Your majesty is at the top, and you dare to speak and teach.” Fei Yi supported Zhao Yong to sit in front of the case, but he was still standing. “Fei Yi Gu talked nonsense, and you Hou Gu listened to it.”. Zhao has three difficulties: the situation is uneasy, the Central Plains is in the eye of a tiger, and Hu suffers from pressure. I have three strategies to deal with it: to be flexible and peaceful, to show weakness in the Central Plains, and to get rid of the trouble of Hu. To do so, if the overall situation is stable, and then try to show ambition. Whether it is feasible or not is up to you. Although the plan is the same as before, there is a faint indifference of an outsider. Zhao Yong’s eyes were shining brightly. “The general is the sword of the country. Can he check and balance the court for Zhao Yong?” “But in his position, he must seek his government.” Feiyi looked awestruck. Zhao Yong burst out laughing and said, “The weapon of a country should be hung high above the temple.” At a court meeting the next day, Zhao Yong immediately issued an edict to his royal Highness, saying, First, General Fei Yi was appointed to the rank of minister, and was promoted to the rank of general of Zuo Si Guo, who was concurrently the head of Zhuguo. He was appointed to the position of general of Zuo Si Guo, who was also the head of Zhuguo. The two ministers of Right Si Guo were appointed by Fei Yi. Second, Zhou Shao, a minister of Zhongfu,rapid sand filters, was appointed as Prince Fu to assist Prince Zhao Zhang in the study of; Fourth, all the old ministers over the age of eighty in the court received the title of “Guolao”, who were comforted by the government every month and could advise and supervise the state affairs at any time.