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Toy Soldier Name

SOLDIER Operative: Njal – Knight Gallant


Toy Soldier


N.J. Robison

Enlistment date

2011-05-11 00:00:00

Special Skills

I have a modest knowledge of medieval and renaissance weapons and armour; I might be called a History Buff or Fantasy Geek, (I prefer the latter).
I am told by others that I dance well, especially the Robot, the Jerk, and other strange freestyle moves.
I enjoy English riding and other Gentlemanly pursuits.
I have a talent for matching colors and styles into great outfits.
I love using archaic language forms and have acquired a way with words using outdated colloquial diction.
My father calls me the Human Cartoon. I am very dramatic by nature, emotional and enthusiastic in just about everything I do, and I’m willing to learn.


I have a Warriors Spirit, a Lover’s heart, and the mind of a lunatic. I am Passionate, Intrepid, and Incredibly Eccentric.

I am a firm believer in the power of unity. We can improve the world by providing opportunities for good, wholesome and safe fun; of that I am sure, and to that purpose I have joined TSU.

I hold high standards for myself and foster traditional morals in those I care about. I look forward to making the world a better place, and assisting the ascendancy of such a benevolent leader as Dr. Steel.