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Toy Soldier Name

Nicole Jokaa


ConcepciĆ³n, Chile.


Toy Soldier



Enlistment date

2010-08-18 00:00:00

Special Skills

-Insanity (is that an skill?)
-Opend mind
-Deep Thinker
-Happiness, radioactive amounts of happiness xDDD =D
-Randomness (could be very useful)
-Spontaneity (Enjoy life, do funny things =D!)
-I care a turnip what people thinks about me… and in these days, that’s a skill!
-I get obsessed with things I like, and I love TSU so I’ll do all I can to spread the utopian playland =D
-Far away from headquarters, I can provide the army
with special information.
-Leading skills… move masses, and organize them
-Manipulation (not AS evil as it sounds… but a bit yes xD)… or mind control if you like muahaha xDD
-dogs seems to understand me and I understand them… can that be useful?


I’m from chile (so my language is spanish) and I’m crazy =D
Leader of Division 041, Psycho Plushies

If you want to know more about me:
*copied from my deviantART account*

-Interests: many things…music, nature, fun, paranormal stuff, steampunk, animals,insects, science, comics, video games… and more…
-Favourite movie: not the typical ones… bizarre stuff, horror genere (good horror) and very happy ones (like Totoro <3)
-Favourite band or musician: Mr Bungle, Igorrr, Circus Contraption, Caravan Place, Pink Floyd, Hide, Yann Tiersen, Gogol Bordelo, Beethoven, Explosions in the Sky, OF COURSE Doctor Steel… and more xD
-Favourite genre of music: could be anything.. anything good
-Favourite game: SILENT HILL!!!!! (the first 3, maybe the 4th), fatal frame, burnout, tekken.
-Favourite cartoon character: Goku, Zim, Wile E. Coyote, Freakazoid, Marvin the Martian

Events & Invasions

—> Completed Missions
-Creating a division in Chile (Div 041-Psycho Plushies)
-Bicentenary Operation: Kites in the sky. PART ONE
-Bicentenary Operation: Kites in the sky. PART TWO
-Steeloween Zombie Invasion
-Animefest Invasion
-Steampunk Meeting – Santiago de Chile