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Toy Soldier Name

Capt. Nolin Vultrus


Toy Soldier


Nathanial, cowboy, indy, Sir Nathanial,

Enlistment date

2011-11-13 00:00:00

Special Skills

I am an actor, Dancer, I do basic leathercraft, I have skills in mind reading, Making people smile (at least one everyday is my rule :D), Baritone singer, currently learning Spanish, Rock climbing (i work at a climbing gym… DISCOUNTS!!), and general meyhem! to sum it up, I am a jack-of -all-trades, but a master-of-none.


Name: Capt. Nolin Vultrus
ID # : TS42563
Email:[email protected]
I am a funloving crazy person on a mission to help others! A few years ago I had fallen into depression, to the point that i wanted to kill myself, but thanks to the suport of my family and friends(as few as i had at the time), I managed to overcome it. Not only did I reach an all time high, I discovered my purpose on this planet. Put simply, the reason I live is to help others. So now that I have a few years under my belt helping others, I am ready to broaden my horizons and start working on the ultimate goal of making this word a better place through fun! My daily requirement is to make at least one person each day smile! Now I have many tools of fun that I use. From dancing and acting, to moral support and first aid, you name it and I’ve probably dabbled in it at one point or another. I am also a nature freak. I love nature and everything about it. I hate anything that destroys nature(aka civilization as we know it) but I know when it’s just not worth the fight. Hence my newfound love of steampunk(as it doesn’t dump a ton of chemicals over the earth!). I also like to tinker with things so there’s that too XD.
By now if you have read all the way to hear, i’d say ur either REALLY bored, or you actually give a damn about what I say. lol. I salute your patience and thank you for your time. and if you ever want to try to get something fun together, hit me up and i’ll do what I can!
Capt. Nolin out!

Events & Invasions

Comikaze (at least Ii was there, but I was in the process of joining so i didn’t have my uniform yet), Gaslight Gathering, Toy Soldier Breakfeast club, Doo Dah Parade, Little Tokyo Invasion(post doo dah invasion), Clockwork Alchemy mission, AM^2 Mission, Steampunk Pick-nick invasion(non-official),