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Toy Soldier Name

Lt. Easterling






Augustus Ottoman, Comrade Doctor, Doctor Youngturk, Komendante

Enlistment date

2014-06-22 00:00:00

Special Skills

-Yours truly, a proud geek
-Speak 7 languages:
Azerbaijani (first language), Russian (fluent), Turkish (similar to Azerbaijani), English, German, French (not as advanced as others), Japanese (4 month University course)
-US presidential Award for Volunteer service
-Majoring in Parks and Recreation, (formerly Japanese)
-Nipponophile (thus, adds more )
-Uniform collector (it takes a skill to do that)
-Kung Fu rookie
-Small Engines Mechanics
-Drama class kid
-Comrade Gentleman in training
-Young military history expert for Soviet Army
-Archive Rat
-Worked with war Veterans from WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, War in Afghanstan (Soviet Intervention), and Karabakh War


Hermit, born and raised in former Soviet Republic which is now a Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan. Live both in capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, which is called the “City of Winds”, Central California – Visalia, and Waterloo, which is in Ontario, Canada.
Bit of a Hermit, bit of a Nomad. Cosmopolitan but Patriotic :D
Doctor Who and Studi Ghibli movies fan.
Enjoy watching movies, reading, drawing, filming and writing.
Gas Masks is my passion.
Dieselpunk is my destiny:
“My body runs on Chlorine and Diesel, instead of blood”.
I love Diesel Submarines as well. Highly enjoy Military History. My nationality is Azerbaijani Turk, I also have Hun ancestry.
I am tolerate and respect everyone, and I consider myself a progressive conservative.
Also, “All glory to Motherland!”: I love Soviet technology, as I grew up with it.