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“Well, are you looking for Ruyue?”? I’ll call her to answer the phone. “No, Mr. Shi, I’m calling to thank you for helping me defend the city this time.” “It’s just a simple task. Don’t be too polite.” Shi Zhongyu said with a smile. Hearing Shi Zhongyu talking with the people on the phone, everyone guessed that it might be Ji Rufeng calling, Ji Ruyue hurriedly ran to Shi Zhongyu’s side, intending to listen to the voice on the phone, Shi Zhongyu simply hugged Ji Ruyue. Ji Ruyue gave him a white look, hurriedly struggled, if it is alone, Ji Ruyue is indifferent, but there are so many people in the living room, she is not as thick-skinned as Shi Zhongyu, light Ji Ruyue know and Shi Zhongyu have a relationship, there are already two people, snow and smoke and Yang Zi, Ji Ruyue afraid they will be a little jealous, so had to struggle. Shi Zhongyu did not care, let go of Ji Ruyue, and handed the phone to Ji Ruyue. Ji Ruyue and Ji Rufeng talked for a while and heard Ji Ruyue shouting: “What?”? The thief we captured alive was a Japanese? What about the other thieves? You’re not Japanese,ghana seed extract, are you? Seeing everyone cast a curious look, Ji Ruyue simply turned on the hands-free function so that everyone could hear the voice inside. I don’t know. Anyway, the thief named Sakura kept scolding us in Japanese. No matter how we asked him, he told us what we asked. In the end, we had no choice but to kill him. Ji Rufeng said gloomily. Everyone was silent for a while. Originally, everyone just thought that a gang had come to make trouble. Who would have thought that it would be Japanese? If only one of the thieves was Japanese, it could be a coincidence. If all of them were Japanese, I don’t know what was going on. After hanging up the phone,ghana seed extract, Shi Zhongyu said, “I’m going back to play games. You can watch TV here.” After entering the game, Shi Zhongyu’s online location is still in the room where the gang was built, and Ji Rufeng is still here. Mr. Shi. Ji Rufeng said hello. Shi Zhongyu smiled and said, “Just call me Xiaoshi or Brother Shi. It’s a little awkward to always call me sir.” “Then I’d better call you Brother Shi. Alas, I don’t think it’s annoying to call you sir.” “By the way, the Japanese, how are you not torturing him?” Shi Zhongyu asked. Ji Rufeng said gloomily, “Don’t mention it. I ***ing admire that guy. Ten fingers were cut off by me, but he didn’t speak. Then I cut off his limbs. The grandson began to scold us in Japanese.” Baidu search and read the latest and most complete novel Chapter 331 salt in the wound. Why don’t you cut off all his limbs? Only cut four? Shi Zhongyu asked. Ji Rufeng sweated and said, “I’d like to, but the system won’t cut it down for me. The system prompts that the good feeling is not enough. I can’t touch that place. My grass!” Shi Zhongyu is also full of sweat, ah, how can this kind of thing happen, fenugreek saponins ,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, cut things even have a good feeling, really his mother’s tragedy. But we found some salt and sprinkled it on his wound. The boy was stunned not to say who the mastermind was. He kept scolding me. Finally, I was scolded by him. As a result, I was killed by a knife. Ji Rufeng continued. Shi Zhongyu dark sigh, really can’t see this boy, the hand is not generally vicious ah, actually sprinkle salt on the wound of others, too dirty, Shi Zhongyu of course did not do this kind of thing, but that Japanese brother is also Niubi ah, unexpectedly this all hold out. I’m just thinking about whether that guy was from another gang and deliberately planted it on the Japanese, so he kept scolding me in Japanese to divert my attention. Ji Rufeng said. Shi Zhongyu thought about it and said, “It’s possible. Maybe he can’t speak other Japanese at all, so he keeps cursing people.” “Impossible. The guy scolded me for half an hour without any repetition. He is absolutely proficient in Japanese.” Ji Rufeng said gloomily. Shi Zhongyu could not help but feel lucky that he had not offended the guy, otherwise he would have been scolded alive for half an hour, and Shi Zhongyu would certainly not have been able to hold on, and would have killed the grandson long ago. By the way, I got three more orders to build a gang. You can pay attention to the auction in two days. If they are really Japanese, they may form a gang. When the time comes, you can pay attention to the bidders. Maybe there will be some gains. Shi Zhongyu said. Ji Rufeng nodded, although a little surprised, why did Shi Zhongyu have the strength to get so many orders to build a gang, but he didn’t ask much. After all, he and Shi Zhongyu were not very familiar with each other. It was always a private matter. It was not convenient to ask more. He just said: “Don’t worry, I will pay attention to it. If the Japanese really buy it, I would rather spend money to buy it back as an ornament than give it to the devils.” Really his mother’s rich man, Shi Zhongyu a little contempt, although now it is difficult to sell to such a high price, but tens of millions can still be sold, actually spend tens of millions to buy a decoration back, really his uncle’s money. Farewell to Ji Rufeng, Shi Zhongyu is ready to go to Xiangyuan there, now he has no better equipment, but Xiangyuan must have, even if not, also want to let him now play a use, anyway for that animal, get a dark gold equipment is not easy thing? Started back to the city scroll, Shi Zhongyu came to Xiangyuan’s house, the sky has begun to dark, Xiangyuan is in the yard, lying in a rocking chair, looking at the stars. When Xiangyuan saw Shi Zhongyu, he asked, “Why did you come to me when you were free?” Shi Zhongyu hurriedly courteously came to Xiangyuan’s side and helped Xiangyuan massage his shoulder: “Master,phycocyanin spirulina, I miss you. Let me massage you. Is it comfortable?” The tobacco pole in Xiangyuan’s hand hit Shi Zhongyu’s head at a magical angle: “Don’t pretend to be there. Say it directly if you have something to do.” “Now that you have asked the question sincerely, I will answer you mercifully. I want a dark gold equipment. Master, do you have it?” Shi Zhongyu asked.