The Amazing Montismo, Gentleman Adventurer & Romantic Antihero

    • Introducing myself because it’s the proper thing to do.


      I’ve only recently discovered Dr Steel’s music, and his talks and lyrics on human potential and transhumanism and all that really got my gears turning in the old head.


      “The Amazing Montismo, Romantic Antihero & Gentleman Adventurer” is a persona I came up with years ago as a bit of a joke, but mainly to ease the stress of everyday life through make-believe. I used the persona as a refuge from bad relationships and sour friendships, and then decided that if could actually BE that person, then those problems could be sorted out more or less permanently. Because, you know, I had unconsciously decided at some point to assume the persona of the person who made bad decisions about lifestyle and social circles.

      I don’t know I’ll post a lot here, but I wanted to join the site to see what more was going on and available about Dr. Steel and his music and ideas.

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