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Toy Soldier

Enlistment date

2009-04-12 00:00:00

Special Skills



ID# TS22894 Loves: Science, crochet, baking, creating

Awarded Yellow Jacket 8 April 2012:

From the time when she first started here years ago, Marley has always held together that Toy Soldier spirit and dedication that we all strive for. She has lead local and special ops divisions. Planning events and going out of her way to take other soldiers to events. Marley has spent countless hours coordinating/running online events as well, such as gift/card exchanges, making special cupcakes and crafts for Dr.Steel and other soldiers. She has also traveled all over the country to attend and support soldier events from Salem, Massachusetts to Audra, West Virginia, all the way down to Orlando, Florida and recently across the US where she stopped along the way to meet many of her fellow soldiers! Marley is also one of our forum moderators who has also spent years helping us and writing many news articles. She is a valuable asset to our team, us admins and all of Toy Soldiers Unite! We want her to have this award and know that everything she has done has made a difference, in many of our lives!

Named Soldier of the Week twice on our previous site:

23 Aug 2009 – Marley is this weeks Soldier of the Week for her steadfast, unending enthusiasm and her constant support of her fellow soldiers. She is a veritable factory of care packages and notes, and has brightened many people’s days.

12 Dec 2010 – Marley is this weeks Soldier of the Week for going above and beyond to help support her fellow soldiers. From sending out baked goods to helping organize Toy Soldier holiday projects, she is a cheerful and dedicated soldier and we are all very fortunate to have her with us.

Events & Invasions

~04.14.09 – Operation: Hot Topic
~04.14.09 – Operation: Spark People
~04.16.09 – Operation: Guerrilla Sticker Attack
~05.07.09 – Operation: Leaflet Distribution
~05.08.09 – Operation: Extended Network
~05.21.09 – Operation: Invading WoW
~05.25.09 – Operation: Rockband/Guitar Hero
~05.29.09 – Operation: Oceangram
~09.05.09 – Invasion: Dragon*Con 2009
~10.31.09 – Invasion: Witch Hunt 3
~04.03.10 – Invasion: FroliCon 2010
~06.18.10 – E.P.I.C.B.A.T.T.L.E. 2.0
~09.04.10 – Invasion: Dragon*Con 2010
~09.20.10 – The Cookie Network
~10.10.10 – Ugly: Traveling The World
~11.01.10 – Organized Secret Santa Exchange
~11.01.10 – Organized Holiday Card Exchange
~02.14.11 – Steelentine’s Day Card Exchange
~03.04.11 – Invasion: Toy Soldier Day @ FL Disney
~04.23.11 – Invasion: Frolicon 2011
~11.30.11 – Organized Secret Santa Exchange
~11.30.11 – Organized Holiday Card Exchange