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Toy Soldier Name

Agent MadLabDad


La Habra, CA


Nurse & Medic


Artorius Pendragon, Doctor Skullboy, Skullboy79, MadLabDad

Enlistment date


Special Skills

Clinical Laboratory Scientist, Microbiologist, Educator, Skilled Vocalist & Voice-Actor, Makeup, Prosthetics, Costume & Character Design, Writing, Drawing, Carpentry, Project Management, Nature Enthusiast, Rock Collector, Sigilwork


Having heard the call 10 or so years ago (autocomplete put me at 15 for some reason), I practiced soldiering but never officially joined. I spread the word and music of Dr. Steel, contributing to toy drives & events for children & creative adults, such as promoting literacy and wonder with the Looking Glass Wars book events, working South Faire as a hawker, builder, games, and promotions, and many different library, academic programs, and as a teacher of record. The call has gone out again and when asked to join by Dr. Thaddeus Steel recently, I humbly submit my enrollment into these fine ranks. We need a new luden. We need a Utopian Playland. We need the TSU.


Note: Profile Pic by Tatyana Kovalchuk. Currently working on finding my old pictures as Dr Skullboy and creating the current Agent MadLabDad uniform.

Events & Invasions