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Toy Soldier Name



Toy Soldier

Enlistment date

2012-04-28 00:00:00

Special Skills

Blacksmith (It’s all in the blood)
Craftsman (the passion for tinkering)
Marksman (A sharp eye when in need)
Survivalist (The thrive to stay alive)
Photographic Engineer (Attended to College of visual editory)
The Funny Drunk Guy (After a pint or two to many, the comedy starts!)


The name is Liska Stalov, a local blacksmith.
I was born with a passion for steel, iron and coal.
Looking over the shoulders of my grand-father.
see how things can change under the force of an hammer, under the influence of heat.

Traveling was always a way to learn in life, discover new thing, and every trip is a experience for itself.
And every experience is another story to be told, and inspiration for life.
story’s that will inspire other people to go out in the world and live.

By the idea of the charms of the Victorian era, people can change there point of view.
Except for the poverty in that time, there was a way on how to treat each other.
The manners of the old fashioned gentleman.

With an overflow of energy, the madness will come to rise, which is a comedy for itself.
Shameless ideas and actions make it a laughter to look at, spreading the vibe.
But due to my Craziness, i have barrels full with ideas and inspiration to make everything fun.
Possible to achieve or not!