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Sofya Andreyevna

    • Sofya Andreyevna

      It’s a long story, but I’m happy to tell it. Since about 2018, I decided to thoroughly familiarize myself with the topic of steampunk. I signed up for the largest Russian-speaking steampunk community. Often in this group flashed posts about different bands and artists playing in this genre. I usually kept them for myself to read later. A year later, sometime in August, I kept my post with Dr. Steele’s music. I had a decent list, and I decided to start listening to it with Dr. Steele’s songs. The first song won me over. In his music, I found everything I liked about the mad scientists theme. This has become my corner of madness. I was hooked on the idea of free creative expression. It was a moment of forming my own self. I’ve never been interested in the lives of artists, but he was an exception. I started my investigation. I learned from several articles that his army of toy soldiers is still active. I omitted this information. But in 2020, I started to wonder what was going on with toy soldiers right now.
      And here I am. From August 2020. There are no direct links to you in the Russian segment: I had to dig up a lot of information about Dr. Steele. On one of these sites, I found a link to this forum.
      Now I will analyze in detail the information available here. Thanks to this site, I found a new Dr. Steele. I really like this movement. I want to reach your writing goals and say thank you from these heights. I know for a fact that every soldier supports me, even those I don’t know. The time will come, the knowledge of the language will come( and I will stop pretending that I know it, communicating through an interpreter), and all boundaries will collapse. I’d really like to go abroad sometime and have a live chat with you. It would be a wonderful moment of happiness.

    • Sofya Andreyevna

      The number of participants reminds me of a Russian war song. I quote the lines: “there are only three of us left…At an unnamed height”
      These lines are not consecutive, but are very suitable for this situation XD
      Happy New Year to all!

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