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Toy Soldier Name

Cpt Haversack


Kent, WA, USA


Toy Soldier


Kirby, Gunny, Haver

Enlistment date

2010-12-21 00:00:00

Special Skills

Cooking. Brewing has been my main job-hobby of late.

Computer engineering/repairs.

Prop creation (Steampunk, still new to crafting).

Graphic design (rusty, it’s been a few years since I fired up Photoshop and Illustrator).

Experience with runes and design around them.

Large amount of experience with steampunk, pirate, and renaissance faire events (attender).


I was introduced to the idea of a Utopian Playland back in December of 2010, when the internet introduced me to Dr. Steel and his wondrous Toy Soldiers. I had always been interested in the Toy Soldiers, but I had never thought of actually joining the forum, for some reason.

Years later, I now am joining. May I help build a Utopian Playland as one of the Toy Soldiers!

Events & Invasions

I haven’t attended any events with my fellow Toy Soldiers yet, though I’ve run into several other soldiers at steampunk conventions for the last few years.