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Toy Soldier


Phillip Mair

Enlistment date

2009-06-28 00:00:00

Special Skills

Level 53 Procrastinator
Digital Manipulation
Graphic Art
He’s Sexy (And He Knows It)


Kipling is a former resident of the proud and noble nation of Wales. Having completed his degree in Photographic Art, he upped roots and moved to the much more barbaric and unsavoury country of England to help form the legendary Fortress of Nerditude, where he spends most of his time arguing with himself, tinkering, editing, crafting, slaying dragons, sleeping, eating, panicking about deadlines, taking photos, smiling, giggling uncontrollably, or talking about himself in the third person.

Since joining in mid-2009, Kipling has become TSU-UK’s ‘official’ photographer, using his talents to record our ongoing mission to create a Utopian Playland.

Events & Invasions

London Invasion 2009
Operation: Tweeterwall
Leicester Invasion 2010
Leeds Invasion 2010
London Invasion 2010
Sonisphere Infiltration 2010
MCM Expo Invasion October 2010
Demolition Student Protests 2010
Toy Soldier Day 2011/Necro’s Memorial
MCM Expo Invasion May 2011
London Invasion 2011
MCM Expo Invasion October 2011
MCM Expo Invasion May 2012
The Great British Campout July 2012
MCM Expo Invasion October 2012
MCM Expo Invasion May 2013