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    • Kingz

      I was looking around my brother’s room like the curious younger brother I am and I came across 3 Toy Soldiers bracelets. I have quite a lot of different bracelets on my hand already and I thought it would make a nice addiction to have one of these on there too.

      A few days past and My brother realized I had one on and ask for it back, I gave it back but was curious what it was all about.

      I decided to go online and search “Toy Soldiers” and as I thought, millions of pages about toy soldiers came up. However one caught my eye, “Toy Soldiers Unite”.

      I clicked on the page, made an account and here we are! c:

    • Kingz

      Hey, I’m Kingsley, or Kingz for short.

      I’m a 16 British guy who lives in Norfolk. I only heard of Toy Soldiers through me seeing one of my brother’s bracelets which happened to be a Toy Soldier one. So me being curious, I decided to look online to see what you guys were all about!

      I’m a very active kind of person, I won’t just sit about, I will go out and do things which I enjoy doing, for example, I longboard and play football or soccer depending on where you live.

      I like to live by a “Live for the moment” sense of mind, if I have my mind set on something, I’ll do it which could be something ranging from a mission on here to jumping off a cliff.. However i don’t fancy jumping off a cliff anytime soon :D.

      My dress sense is the typical teenager who skates: tie dye, topman tees, vans, parka jackets and a hell of a lot of skinny jeans! I also dye my hair quite a lot, my natural colour is dark brown however I’m currently bright red c:

      Don’t be afraid to talk to me, I’m a really sociable guy most of time unless I’m really really tired!

      -Kingz. c:

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