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Toy Soldier Name

Chef Draco AntiCook


Arkansas 72060


Toy soldier


KeevanSixx: mild mannered on air personality for

Enlistment date

geesh, it's been so long i'd forgotten when i signed up through Doctor Steel.

Special Skills

Did I mention that I’m a cook? and I do voices for a radio station I’ve been with for 3 years now? and have an extensive collection of books? and am bat shite crazy? oh I did? well good. just wanted to cover the basics just to make sure.


Classified: Still under deep cover. (But the gumbo tastes really really good, don’t forget the biscuits, mind the gravy…it has a life of it’s own, and the only good vegetable is a steamed vegetable)

Events & Invasions

Currently: quietly invading a place of higher learning without being detected, so far so good, though I’m short on materials, and my copier broke last wintersday…the mission lives on! All Hail the Utopian Playground!!!