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Toy Soldier Name

The Sky Marshal, YJ


Southern California


Toy soldier


Sky Marshal Jonathan Baines "Jonny B." Goode, Jonny B., Jonny Blues

Enlistment date

2008-12-09 00:00:00

Special Skills

Besides being a genius? Oh well, if you insist…

Among other things, I’m a(n):

– Gentleman

– Geek

– Computer whisperer

– Batman fan (“Batman” used to be my nickname, as I bear some resemblance to Michael Keaton, and I can sometimes be dark and moody)

– Gamer (mostly enjoy FPSs)

– Website designer

– P’shop god

– Expert Googler

– “Walking Dictionary” (Rarely ever misspell words or make grammar mistakes)

– Karaoke whore extraordinaire

– Blues Harp master (that’s a harmonica to you uninitiated)

– Blues singer, and a real swinger

– Toys R Us kid

– Dieselpunk

– Nipponophile

– Martial Artist (Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido, swords)

– Procrastinator

– Amateur astrophysicist

– “Absentminded Professor” – I may be smart but I can’t remember shit

– Dangerous in a kitchen. And not in a good way.

– Aspie (“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!”)

Oh, and in case anyone wanted to know, I’m a “Republitarian”. Paleo-conservative, neo-libertarian. (Neocons can bite me. Libtards can too.) :p

Also a specialist in:

Covert Ops

Losing things

Currently Sky Marshal of the Steelian Air Navy, commander of the Military Exploration Airship “ISS Runcible”. Formerly stationed aboard the Air Frigate “DethStryke”, before it was scuttled in that regrettable steam-cannon incident… (“It was NOT my fault! It was a GLITCH! It just blew!”)


ID # : TS20384


“The Gentleman Soldier.”™ – Dr. Ophelia Strating

“The current equivalent of the male version of Kato” – a fellow YJ

“The Singing Sky Marshal”

“The Steampunk Samurai”

TSoW at least five times, most recently July 6, 2014.

This is not mind control….think about it

This is not mind control….think about it

This is not mind control….think about it

Current posts:

– Division Leader: FOSSL (Division 35+)

– Division Leader: ACES

– Division organizer: EARS (Ham radio division, currently forming) (somewhat defunct)

– Editor of Dr. Steel’s Wikipedia page (…..ctor_Steel), Wikiquotes page (…..ctor_Steel), and TvTropes page (…..octorSteel).

– General in 1281 J.A.P.A.N, the “Shogunate of Steel”

Previous posts:

— Co-Executive Officer, Division 1123, the Fibonacci Division.

— Executive Officer of Division 1123

— Acting leader, Division 1123

— Former admin of Division 1123 group pages on MySpace and Facebook

— Former leader, Operation Urban Dead (defunct)

Recruits include:

– Dr. Mystery

– Utopian Playgirl

– Air Cadet Jasmine

– Thorrfin Skullsplitter

– Captain SabellaFox (TS27948)

– Babygirl (TS31487)

– Zacharia Slain (TS32958)

– Liam Kendrick (TS32096)

– wayne MO’Foe (TS36313)

– Robert Modica (TS27234)

– Doc Ibby Esquire (TS41804)

I ran across Dr. Steel after seeing Dr. Horrible, actually. I enjoyed the flick, then saw the “controversy” online and decided to check out Dr. Steel. (Unlike some, I don’t see a dichotomy there though; other than that they both adopted the mad scientist archetype and both sing, one is an actor playing a part, and the other is… well, Dr. Steel.)

As a fellow musician and artist, I like some of the good Doctor’s music… but I am more intrigued by his artistry, his use of instruments, his theatrics and showmanship, his humor and his philosophy (I’m not a victim, I’m in control, I decide, I can do anything I believe I can do and put the effort into doing…). He is obviously a man of extraordinary intelligence, wit, talent and charisma. And I like his eccentricity, another trait we share.

I’m an older recruit, but I’m told I look (and I feel and think like I’m) 10-15 years younger than I am, and I am a big kid at heart (which probably explains why most of my friends are in their 20s). I have Aspergers’ Syndrome and so struggle daily to be “normal”… but every now and then I need an outlet to let my inner geek out for some playtime, and this seems like a good place for that.

Oh yes, and I am a sharp – albeit eccentric – dresser. (Usually dressing in a 40’s style.) And I love hats. Particularly fedoras. I look damn good in a hat and long coat.

Formerly “General ßatmÅn” on Showtime’s old Stargate SG-1 fansite, Commanding Officer of SG-11’s Men in Black unit.


Jonny B (my usual “nom de plume”; I took it when I started singing karaoke.)

Jonathan Baines Goode – my steampunk name

Jonny Blues


Batman (or Mister Batman – long story lol)

Some favorite quotes:

“What’s the point of being grown-up if you can’t be childish sometimes?” – The Fourth Doctor

“A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” – Willy Wonka

“When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.” -C.S. Lewis.

“Don’t take life too seriously. You’ll never get out alive” – Bugs Bunny

“Youth and skill are always trumped by old age and treachery.”

Created logos for:


#35+ FOSSL

#1281 J.A.P.A.N

Events & Invasions


– “Raising Daisys” fundraising mission – Success!

– Blue Doo Dah (Parade invasion 2013) – Success!

– Doo Dah Museum Exhibit – Success!

– Doo Dah Drei (Parade invasion 2012) – Success!

– Dr. Steel Tribute Film: Complete.

— Reconstruction of the film: In progress.

– Disneyland Invasion VI (2012): Couldn’t go, alas.

– Giant Robot Construction – On hold.

– Pyrate Daze Invasion 2011: Major success!

– Global Invasion – Surf’s Up 2011: Unfortunate failure, but we had fun anyway.

– Operation Chronic Tacos – SUCCESS!

– Doo Dah Deux: Completed, FUN!

– Operation Poppy: Completed, FUN!

– Disneyland Invasion V – COMPLETED

– Operation Desert Aid: Success

– Global Invasion: Surf’s Up 2010 – SUCCESS

– Global Invasion: Operation Hayseed II: Revenge of the Hicks – WE GOT KICKED OUT!

– Comic Con 2010 – SUCCESS

– Operation: Propaganda Film

– Operation: Music Sampler

– Operation Vaudeville (live showing of Dr. Steel films during a vaudeville show) – SUCCESS

– Doo Dah Parade invasion 2010 – EPIC SUCCESS!!!

– Operation Steel Samurai II – On Hold

– Disneyland Invasion IV – COMPLETED

– Operation Get Shorty – Failed. (Those bastards!) But with some success as we flexed our power and had fun.

– Operation Trope-aganda – COMPLETED

– Tango Sierra Uniform Part Deux – Completed

– Operation Wild Blue: Edwards AFB air show invasion 2009 – COMPLETED

– Operation Wikipedia Redemption – COMPLETED – SUCCESS! Current on-going goodwill campaign and protection of his and other steampunk pages from vandalism.

– Operation Mr. Twitter – SUCCESS!

– Operation Hayseed: Antelope Valley Fair invasion – COMPLETED

– Global Invasion: Operation Surf’s Up! – COMPLETED: Awesome success!

– Comic Con invasion 2009 – COMPLETED

– Operation: Late Night (tried to get Dr. Steel on Letterman) – COMPLETED

– Fairey-esque Sticker set – COMPLETED

– Propped Shepard Fairey

– Operation Holiday – COMPLETED, SUCCESS

– Operation Steel Shadoe – COMPLETED – Prop’ed Shadoe Stevens

– Operation Cheerleader (building up the 1123rd) – Completed


– Mission: MegaPropagandyo (Propping the MegaTokyo forums) – COMPLETED

– Operation Steel Samurai (Dr. Steel-themed samurai uniform) – COMPLETED – Success! Everyone wanted photos of my Steelified samurai costume; I must have been in over 60 photos, and I even got on TV!

– Operation: Ye Olde Take Over (2009 SoCal Renaissance Faire invasion) – COMPLETED

– Mission: Steel Jingasa (created a Dr. Steel-themed Japanese jingasa helm) – COMPLETED

– Mission: Prop Kinkos guy – COMPLETED (he had an epic Dr. Steel beard)

– Mission: Crazy Wants You! (Created a propaganda poster for Crazy) – COMPLETED (Crazy loved it)

– Disneyland Invasion 2009 – COMPLETED! This was a triumph; I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS

– Propaganda Poster – COMPLETED

– Operation Tango Sierra Uniform (Creating my first Toy Soldier uniform) – COMPLETED

– Operation Hot Topic – COMPLETED


– Operation Coast to Coast AM – status unknown

– Operation Dr. Steel Blues – COMPLETED – SUCCESS! (and the Dr. was honored)

– Operation: 1,000,000 Plays – COMPLETED – SUCCESS!

– Operation Urban Dead – On haitus

– Operation Ringtone – COMPLETED

– Mission: Fark ‘shopaganda (inserting Dr. Steel references into Fark photoshop contests) – ongoing. Always looking for stealthy ways to insert Doctor Steel into my posts and submissions there.