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Toy Soldier Name

Commander JET


Sylvania, OH


Toy Soldier



Enlistment date

2008-01-02 00:00:00

Special Skills

*Graphic Designer
*Putting things together such as electronics or toy models
*Cooking (100% Italian) so yeah I’m good!
*Makeup & Special effects
*Bass Guitar
*Video games
*Tactical Playtimes tactics. Such as Nerf Warfare
*Magic the Gathering and I’m totally BA at it!
*Strategy games
*Trivial Pursuits….Oh yeah I went there!….But it’s true;)
*Oh yeah and I’m fun as Hell to Party with!!!;)


I am an Artist, Strong woman, and a tad bit Psychotic….but in a sweet way;) I love to show people something new and entertaining. I have seen the Utopian Playland Vision and it is most excellent! I want to help spread the word and make this world more fun!!

I am also the Chief Administrator/owner of TSU. If you need any assistance or have any questions I would be glad to help you out:) Feel free to send me a message or get a hold of us via the contact form.


Disclaimer: It’s not a sunny disposition…it’s insanity!;)

Events & Invasions

Received the Yellow Jacket award 10/29/10 for: Extraordinary vision and initiative in providing guidance and support for the members of the Army of Toy Soldiers!
*2 Dec 2012
This weeks nominated soldier for Toy Soldier Of The Week, is none other than Commander JET.

She’s been nominated for constantly pestering Sgt. Dutch to fix stuff her amazing enthusiasm and dedication to the Army of Toy Soldiers. Were it not for Commander JET, Toy Soldiers Unite would’ve closed its doors years ago, and we can not thank her enough for preserving our digital bunker and keeping it safe for all Toy Soldiers. She is an inspiration to countless Toy Soldiers, and we she knows how much we appreciate all her hard work and sacrifices that she’s made for TSU.

Commander JET, the Army of Toy Soldiers, SALUTE YOU!

*16 Jan 2012 – This weeks TSOTW is our very own Commander JET.
Commander JET was nominated for TSOTW for sharing her recent communication from Dr. Steel with the Army of Toy Soldiers. Though she didn’t need to, she felt it was her duty to provide us all with the letter that Dr. Steel had sent her, explaining his reasons for retiring from the entertainment industry. Though it was sad news, thanks to Commander JET, we can all finally feel a sense of closure, and focus on our own mission of creativity and fun. Commander JET, we salute you!

*26 Jun 2011 – Commander JET is again awarded Soldier of the Week for the amazing service she provides for TSU and all her fellow soldiers. Her dedication as the site Admin in particular is a shining beacon of hope and determination to all.

*31 Jan 2011 – Commander Jet is this weeks Soldier of the Week for her exemplary duties she executes EVERY day for the Army of Toy Soldiers! Cool headed and polite, just and patient, thorough and tireless. Commander Jet has held this Army together with Love and Vision. We Salute, Thank, and love you

*5 Jul 2010 – Jet is this weeks Soldier of the Week for her continued dedication to TSU and the cause as a whole. She is busy not only as a site administrator, but helps plan execute invasions and the foam based EPIC BATTLE. She is major asset to the soldiers, and we all lucky to have her.

*31 Aug 2008 – Commander JET was nominated by several soldiers to feature as Soldier of the week for her incredible work at the Steel City invasion on August 16th.

Operation: Jones Soda: Completed
Operation: Manifesto distribution: in progress
Operation: Extended Network: Completed
Operation: Junk mail revenge: Completed…well ongoing
Operation: Guerrilla Sticker Attack..Very Successful and Ongoing
Operation: Propaganda Pop Rock Distribution..successful!
Operation: Mind Control Bubble Solution..always!
Operation: Hot Topic: Completed
Operation: Propaganda Film..ongoing
Operation: Twitter…well we tried;)
Operation: Music Sampler CD..ongoing
Mall Invasions 2 so far:…ongoing
Steel City Invasion: ’08: A GREAT Success!
P.A. Nerf War ’08: A GREAT Success!
Club Octane Invasion: ’08: Success!
Disneyland Invasion ’09:..Completed! was awesome!;)
Epic Battle: Camp-out/Nerf war ’09:..A Fantastic Success!
Propaganda R.C Plane:…complete!
Steel City Invasion#2’09: A Wonderful Success!
AnimeUSA Invasion ’09..Successful! We rocked it;)
RavenCon 2010: Successful..good times mass brainwashing!
Epic Battle: Camp-out/Nerf war 2010: A Fantastic Success again!
Operation Witch Hunt #4 2010: A wonderful fun filled success!
Operation Halloweekend Cedar Point: Success!
Toy Soldier day 2012 Zoo Celebration: Success!
Motor City ComicCon 2013: Success!
Motor City ComicCon 2014: Success!