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Toy Soldier Name

Jade Valor


OilCity,USA, PA


Toy Soldier


The Starving Bear or Wolf in Bears Clothing

Enlistment date

2012-03-10 00:00:00

Special Skills

Military strategy, Overactive imagination, slightly insane, Swordplay (Wakizashi style), video games, Learning to draw, Song writing, Fire Breathing, dissembling/tinkering with anything and Making Communication codes.
Christian- as such God has blessed me with a lot of patience and understanding of others ideals (i will spread my Lords word but rest assured i wont hit you with my Bible, (as fun as it might be at the time))


Founder and headmaster of the KHCA (King of the Hill Conquerors Academy)

Made Toy Soldier of the Week on Dec 17, 2012
Seen here sporting some spectacular smiley spectacles, Jade Valor has been named this week’s Toy Soldier of the Week for his constant enthusiasm and support of his fellow soldiers. Be it greeting new soldiers, participating in discussions, or playing forum games, Jade is always around to share fun and positivity. That kind of all around happiness and joy is what we’re all about here at TSU! We’re glad to have ya on board!

I love Playing video games, sparing, strategist, exploring. i love things awe inspiring (like a zeppelin descending from the clouds) and beautiful (cherry blossom trees). Playing paintball / airsoft is fun. Love all things Japan (except crap like Hinta which is a blemish to the anime name!)
and am also a Moe Moe fan (fellow fans know what it is)

Events & Invasions

Sadly none i have been rather socially secluded up until recently. my friend told me about Dr. Steel and his Endeavors and so i am now hoping to join the Cause.