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Toy Soldier Name

E.A. Dolby


Newark, Delaware


Nurse & Medic


@atvacuum or E.A. Dolby on most social medias, xX_Teddy_Topside_Xx on friendproject

Enlistment date

2016? I can't really remember.

Special Skills

My main talents lie in art- specifically writing, the performing arts, and traditional visual art!! (which usually just consists of pen and pencil on paper) I am also partial to dancing, rollerskating, and overthinking.


Greetings and Salutations! My name is E.A. Dolby. You may have known me as The Anti Tim, back when I first made my account here back in 2017, or some time around there. I was a very enthusiastic supporter- to the point that I painted/decorated my bedroom to go with the TSU colors! (pics to come soon)- but not a very active poster because I was relatively young and intimidated by real forums. (Same goes for the Discord.) But enough about past me! Current me is the guy writing this!

I’m an amateur author/artist/actor who is always looking for new ways to express myself and get what’s in my brain out on paper. E.A. Dolby is actually my pen name- but I figured it works for a Toy Soldier alias too! :^D

I am always looking to make new friends, especially in the Toy Soldier community! I am also a minor though, so please be aware of that/don’t be creepy! (In addition: Please don’t message me if you have a problem with the LGBTQ+ community. We will not get along.)

I’ll probably come back and update this page later, but I figured I would give a little update here since I haven’t touched my bio in literal years…

Events & Invasions

As the one of two Toy Soldiers in Delaware, I have led a sad, sad invasion-less life. (I did meet another Toy Soldier while representing at the PA Ren Faire, though! Does that count?)