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Toy Soldier Name

E.A. Dolby


Newark, Delaware




@atvacuum or E.A. Dolby on most social medias, xX_Teddy_Topside_Xx on friendprojectw

Enlistment date

2016? I can't really remember.

Special Skills

All things creative! While I pride myself on my writing the most, I am also a decent traditional artist, graphic designer and actor. I’m not the most logical or strategy-minded person and I often experience delusions of grandeur but in general, if you have something creative you need done, feel free to toss it at me at it and I’ll tackle it to the best of my abilities.

Though my skills are not quite up to snuff at the moment, I’m learning to sew right now, so expect sewing and costume designing/making to be added to the list of creative things I do at some point soon! The same goes for film and video production- more to learn!


Greetings and Salutations! You may have known me as The Anti Tim back when I first made my account here back in 2016, but… actually you probably didn’t, since I was mostly a lurker. Nowadays, I’m more recognizable as E.A. Dolby from the Discord Server! I’m not always super active there, but I try my best to pop in occasionally to comment on art, welcome and attempt to answer questions from new folks and otherwise mill around the bunker, pestering my friends and drawing on the walls with Posca Pens.

Following my daring escape from the attic of the M. Pyke Home for Deranged Scientists, I’ve made the Secret Bunker my primary residence, though I leave occasionally to attend the meetings of the Vacuum Consortium and attend university. Currently I’m studying Theatre Arts with the aim to become a costume designer for either children’s theatre or circuses.

In my freetime I’ve taken up chronicling the many lives I’ve had over many dimensional shifts. Though my days of pretending to be a robot and scaring the attic dwellers are long gone, I’ve taken up the pasttime of writing it all down and putting it into a novel- the same goes for my stint as a vampire teaching music theory in a little Appalachian town. Both of these projects are vaguely autobiographical in nature- but not in the ways that you’d think. (Ask me about either, and I’ll be happy to fill you in!)

Events & Invasions

As the one of only two Toy Soldiers in Delaware, I have led a sad, sad invasion-less life. (I did meet another Toy Soldier while representing at the PA Ren Faire, though! Does that count?)